Herschel Walker calls abortion story “a flat-out lie”

Former college football star and Republican Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker was hit this week with allegations that he once paid for an abortion.

Yet as the Daily Wire noted, Walker quickly responded by denouncing the story as a lie and threatening legal action.  

Walker: “This is a flat-out lie”

The left-wing Daily Beast reported that an anonymous woman claims Walker paid for her to undergo an abortion over a decade ago.

“I just can’t with the hypocrisy anymore,” the anonymous woman was quoted as saying of Walker’s opposition to abortion, adding, “We all deserve better.”

The Daily Beast published an image of a get well card signed with an “H.” It also claimed to have a $575  receipt from an abortion clinic and a personal check from Walker for $700.

Walker addressed the report by tweeting out a statement that read, “This is a flat-out lie — and I deny this in the strongest possible terms.”

“This is another repugnant hatchet job from a Democrat activist disguised as a reporter who has obsessively attacked my family and tried to tear me down since this race started,” Walker’s statement continued.

“They will do anything to hold onto power. It’s disgusting, gutter politics. I’m not taking this anymore. I’m planning to sue the Daily Beast for this defamatory lie,” it concluded.

Walker again denied the abortion claim during an interview on Tuesday with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade. When Kilmeade asked if he knew the woman’s identity, Walker responded, “Not at all.”

Walker claims the story is the result of Democrats’ desperation

“And that’s what I hope everyone can see,” he continued. “It’s sort of like everyone is anonymous, or everyone is leaking, and they want you to confess to something you have no clue about.”

Walker went on to insist the story is a sign of desperation among Democrats, saying, “They see me as a big threat, and I know that and I knew it when I got into this race.”

“But they don’t realize that I think they came for the wrong one. They energized me,” Walker said. “They energized me, because I know how they really want to try to keep this seat.”