Herschel Walker raises millions as Senate runoff race starts

Georgia saw an incredibly close Senate race this year, with Democrat Raphael Warnock leading Republican challenger Herschel Walker by just under a percentage point.

Since neither candidate took over 50% of the vote, state law requires that a runoff election be held next month. According to Fox News, Walker has wasted no time when it comes to getting ready.

Republican candidate pulls in $3.3 million during first day of runoff campaign

The network reported that Walker managed to raise $3.3 million last Wednesday and then took another $1 million the day after.

Walker is also getting assistance from Republican lawmakers, with Texas Senate Ted Cruz traveling to Georgia late last week.

“I think the stakes are enormous,” Cruz told Fox News host Jesse Waters on Thursday. “Once again, the fate of the country depends on Georgia.”

Meanwhile, Fox News reported on Monday that the Republican National Committee (RNC) will be “sending hundreds of party officials and staffers” to assist with Walker’s campaign.

“Republicans from across the ecosystem are united in our support for Herschel Walker and his runoff election,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel was quoted as saying.

“Our staff and volunteer network, along with our paid voter contact and Election Integrity program, will only continue to grow in the coming weeks to deliver a historic win for Georgia Republicans,” she added.

Possible recount following Democratic win in Nevada

The Nevada Senate race was called this past weekend for Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, meaning that should Walker prevail in next month’s election then it appears the Senate will remain tied with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the deciding vote.

Yet as of Monday morning, Cortez Masto was ahead of her Republican challenger Adam Laxalt by just 0.66%. That’s led many conservatives to call for a recount in the Silver State.

According to CBS 8 in Las Vegas, Laxalt will have to formally request a recount within three days after counties report their vote totals to the state for certification. That is expected to happen on November 25.

Under Nevada law, the recount must begin within five days of a formal request being filed and is to be completed within five days thereafter. What’s more, Laxalt’s campaign will have to cover the cost of the recount.