‘Highly compromised’: Ron Johnson sounds off on Biden’s China ties

Republican Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) warned that President Biden is “highly compromised” ahead of a meeting between the U.S. president and Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping in Indonesia.

Johnson, one of the top Republicans probing Hunter Biden’s business deals, weighed in on Biden’s China ties with Maria Bartiromo of Sunday Morning Futures.

Johnson blasts Biden-China ties

Joe Biden was notoriously referred to as “the big guy” in leaked e-mails relating to a business venture backed by the Chinese government that netted Hunter Biden and his uncle James millions of dollars.

The Biden family even went on a “spending spree” financed by one of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners, a probe by Johnson and Republican Chuck Grassley (Ia.) found.

Republicans have promised to dig deeper into the Biden family’s overseas business dealings if they win back the House majority, which they appear poised to do after last week’s midterm elections.

Biden, who met with Xi on Monday at the G-20 in Indonesia amid rising tensions over Taiwan, cannot be trusted to represent America’s best interests given his family’s close financial links to the Chinese communist party, Johnson said.

“It’s obvious that President Biden is highly compromised because of Hunter Biden’s money-influence peddling,” Johnson, who won re-election last week, told Bartiromo.

FBI cover-up?

Johnson and Grassley have also uncovered considerable evidence of malfeasance by the FBI to protect the Bidens. Johnson told Bartiromo that his inquiries to the bureau have gone unanswered.

“The FBI has known about this probably going back to 2014, 2015, when you had prosecutions or investigations of Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner. This corruption has been going back quite a few years. It needs to be fully exposed.”

Johnson, who is ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, will have an opportunity to question scandal-plagued FBI director Christopher Wray at an upcoming hearing.

Wray was evasive at a hearing in August, when he said whistleblower reports of an FBI effort to downplay the Hunter Biden story were “troubling.” Johnson said he plans to ask about a 2020 briefing that he says was used to “smear” Republicans investigating Hunter Biden as Russian propagandists.

“It was a setup, used to smear me later on,” he said. “I still don’t know who directed that FBI briefing, which was a complete set up. I’ll be asking that for sure and now that he’s aware of that he better have an answer for me.”