Hillary Clinton confesses she accidentally left her daughter Chelsea at the Kremlin

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton confessed that she once accidentally left her daughter Chelsea at the Kremlin.

Clinton shared the story during an interview alongside her daughter on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon.

The story

“We took her to Russia — Russia — when we went on a state visit when Bill was president, and there were the formal goodbyes…” Clinton shared.

“So Bill and I were ushered into the Beast, the big limousine, to head to the airport, not knowing that we had left her behind,” she added.

The interview

Clinton also took time in the interview to commend Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for standing against Russia’s invasion.

“I am thrilled that they have gotten the support and solidarity of so much of the world,” Clinton said regarding Ukraine. “They’re getting the weapons they need to defend themselves, and they’re now on offense.”

“They were attacked by an unprovoked active war, and they’ve held out and done better than anybody could’ve predicted and Zelensky has been a true wartime leader — I’m so impressed with him. I think the United States should stand with them along with all of our other friends around the world,” she added.

The story takes a humorous look in contrast with some of Clinton’s more serious headlines related to Russia. Most notably, her campaign was recently in court over a false report created to connect Donald Trump to Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The interview may have been a good promotion for Clinton’s latest efforts, but doesn’t take away from her legacy of scandals from years of serving in politics.