Hillary Clinton revels in lavish dinner with friends despite damning Durham findings

 May 28, 2023

Though the recently released report from Special Counsel John Durham laid bare Hillary Clinton's plot to frame then-candidate Donald Trump for supposed collusion with Russia, the former secretary of State continues to evade accountability while arrogantly living the high life with a group of old friends, as the Chicago Sun-Times explains.

The outlet offered an inside glimpse into the revelry enjoyed by Clinton during a recent stop in the Windy City, illustrating her enduring immunity from consequences for the dirty tricks she orchestrated back in 2016 and before.

Living the life

According to the Sun-Times, Clinton recently traveled to Chicago for a reception that took place at the home of Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker before going on to deliver a speech of her own at the Riviera Theatre.

But it was not until those obligations were finished that Clinton was truly able to let her hair down, so to speak.

Upholding a tradition she has reportedly maintained for decades, Clinton indulged in an evening of dining and conversation with a cadre of friends, some of whom date back to her school days.

Hillary and company were treated to the culinary talents of restaurateur Phil Stefani, who hosted the group in his own suburban home.

Lots of laughs

Also taking part in the feast were longtime Hillary Clinton aide and confidante, Huma Abedin and M.K. Pritzker, currently the first lady of Illinois, a duo that upped the power quotient of the evening.

Clinton's old school chums included Bonnie Klehr, Ann Drake, Patsy Bowles, Don Moel, Tom Ebeling, Ernie Ricketts, Judy Osgood, and Joel Platt, and they all enjoyed an evening of the sort the group reportedly plans whenever the opportunity arises.

Mrs. Pritzker seemed to have an uproarious good time on the evening in question, saying, “I laughed so hard I had to take a nap the next day.”

Klehr gushed similarly about the night's festivities, saying, “We all have so many old school stories to trade. Voices talking all at once, grateful to be together. We usually take a break from politics, just celebrate each other...and compare knees; a lifetime of shared memories; the days we did things together; catching up on family; celebrating our grandchildren now.”

Zero consequences

Clinton's ability to travel the country – and indeed the world – and enjoy lavish dinners and collegiality unfettered by the legal jeopardy that might ordinarily attach to someone with her history is staggering, particularly given certain findings contained within Durham's aforementioned probe of the origins of the Trump Russia collusion probe.

Incredibly, as the New York Post noted earlier this month, Durham's probe noted that the FBI at one point had no fewer than four open investigations going into Hillary and Bill Clinton, all of which were stopped ahead of the 2016 election, with some centering on claims that foreign countries and individual actors were attempting to buy influence via donations made to the pair's nonprofit organization.

Durham's report explained that the FBI slow-walked those probes before dropping them altogether, failed to pursue and document leads, and did not secure wiretapping warrants for a “well-placed” informant,” an approach that stands in stark contrast to the manner in which allegations against Trump were explored without any factual predicate.

But, as has been the case for years, as long as your last name is Clinton, the world is essentially your oyster, and there is virtually no chance you will ever be called to account, no matter how egregious the offense.

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