Hillary Clinton gloats over Trump’s suspension from Twitter

Twitter dramatically escalated Big Tech’s war against President Donald Trump on Friday by permanently suspending his personal account and restricting his ability to use the official government accounts created specifically for the president and the White House.

Many on the left let out a cheer at Twitter’s silencing of the president, including one of Trump’s biggest political rivals, failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who patted herself on the back in response to the news.

Hillary Clinton trolls Trump

Clinton sifted back four years through her own Twitter feed to find a post from June 2016 in which she, in response to a tweet from Trump, had written: “Delete your account.”

As if that four-year-old tweet had any bearing on Twitter’s decision, Clinton retweeted it on Friday along with a large checkmark emoji.

The left cheers

Clinton was not alone in celebrating Trump’s removal. USA Today reported on a litany of Trump-hating celebrities who also took to Twitter to rejoice over the Orwellian digital erasure of the president.

While many simply gloated over the removal of Trump from the platform, others chastised Twitter for having taken so long to reach the decision to finally pull the plug on the president’s personal account.

USA Today noted that there were a few prominent voices who, while likely not fans of the president or his tweeting habits, were disturbed by the disconcerting dystopian nature of a private corporation acting as the thought police in arbitrarily deciding who can and can’t use the supposedly open platform and what those users can and cannot post.

Thought crime punishment

Twitter explained that their decision to permanently suspend President Trump’s personal account was “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

The decision ostensibly followed a review of the president’s recent tweets and “pattern” of prior tweets that were then placed in the “context of broader events” and Twitter’s own interpretation of how others, both on and off Twitter, might interpret and act upon future tweets that might be posted by the president.

Meanwhile, Breitbart noted that in addition to suspending Trump’s personal account, other accounts affiliated with the president, such as his campaign’s @TeamTrump account, had also been suspended. Government accounts associated with the presidency and White House are being monitored and limited to prevent the president from using them.

These actions by Twitter should not be accepted by anybody who professes to stand for the American ideal of freedom of speech. The celebrations by the likes of Hillary Clinton and others on the left only reveal where they truly stand on that matter — and it isn’t where most Americans are.

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