NY Gov. Hochul tells 5+ million Republican voters to move out of New York, makes clear they are unwelcome

Given the deep and worsening partisan polarization across the country, there has been some fringe talk of a sort of national divorce coupled with a massive resettling as both Republicans and Democrats migrate to like-minded states where they will feel welcomed.

That fringe talk was injected into the mainstream this week when New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) told approximately 5.4 million Republican voters to move out of the state and head elsewhere, as they “are not New Yorkers,” according to a New York Post op-ed.

The Post’s editorial noted that “beyond the frankly disgusting political partisanship and intolerance” espoused by Hochul, her words were also incredibly “fiscally irresponsible” in chasing away tax-paying Republicans as the state was already losing population and increasingly having difficulty raising sufficient tax revenue to pay for its bloated spending budget.

“Get out of town,” Hochul said, “You are not New Yorkers”

New York’s Spectrum Local News reported that Gov. Hochul’s astonishing remarks came Monday during a rally speech in support of Democratic candidate Pat Ryan in a special congressional election against Republican candidate Marc Molinaro, who the governor targeted by name along with former President Donald Trump and her own gubernatorial challenger, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY).

“We’re here to say the era of Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro — just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?” Hochul said. “Get out of town. Get out of town. Cause you don’t rep — you don’t represent our values. You are not New Yorkers.”

Those remarks were immediately compared to similar comments made in 2014 by Hochul’s predecessor, disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), who said that “extreme conservatives” who were pro-life, pro-gun rights, and supposedly “anti-gay” had “no place in the state of New York. Because that is not who New Yorkers are.”

Zeldin not going anywhere

Initially, Rep. Zeldin fired back by accusing Gov. Hochul of “losing your marbles” and defiantly rejected her “psycho demand” that he leave the state, and instead expressed his support for Molinaro’s candidacy — though Molinaro ultimately lost a close election on Tuesday.

Zeldin hit social media again Friday, this time with a clip of his intolerant opponent’s remarks, and tweeted, “This is reason enough to toss Kathy Hochul out of office November 8. I’m not going anywhere. I’m a lifelong New Yorker, born and raised. I’m going to stay and fight to Save Our State from the continued rule of the most arrogant, power-hungry, elitist Governor in America.”

Hochul seeks to clarify, but only makes things worse

Given all of the uproar about what Gov. Hochul had said, NY1 reported that a journalist on Friday asked her if she wanted to clarify her prior remarks, at which point the governor sharply defended what she had said but also tried to suggest her call was aimed only at the three individuals mentioned and not all Republicans writ large.

“Excuse me, I’ll answer your question. OK?” Hochul snapped. “I referred to three individuals: Donald Trump, County Executive Molinaro, and Congressman Lee Zeldin. I spoke about three people whose views we believe are extreme. They supported the overturning of a presidential election.”

Those “clarifying” remarks are scarcely better than what she said initially, as the clear and unmistakable implication here is that if those three individuals are “extreme” and unwelcome, so too is anybody else who supports them, which as the Post op-ed pointed out potentially encompasses up to 5.4 million taxpaying registered Republican voters — hundreds of thousands of whom have already heeded her advice and hit the road for more welcoming states, like Florida.

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