Von Spakovsky, Fund: Eric Holder is the one guilty of partisanship, not Bill Barr

This week, the Washington Post published a hit piece by former Attorney General Eric Holder, titled, “William Barr is unfit to be attorney general.” Holder accused Barr of being “plainly ideological” and “nakedly partisan.”

Now, Hans A. von Spakovsky and John Fund, authors of the book “Obama’s Enforcers — Eric Holder’s Justice Department,” have responded with an op-ed of their own that exposes Holder’s own partisanship, which must have Attorney General Barr smiling. 

Most “nakedly partisan” attorney general

In their piece, von Spakovsky and Fund use the research gathered for their book to flip the script on Holder, first pointing to the fact that we all already know that Holder is the first attorney general in history to be held in contempt by Congress.

Readers will likely remember that this resulted from Holder’s attempted cover-up of Operation Fast and Furious when he tried to hide the fact that his justice department lost track of thousands of weapons that were smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border. These same weapons ended up being used by drug cartels to kill countless Mexican citizens and a U.S. border agent.

But for von Spakovsky and Fund, this is only a prelude to the copious amount of damning evidence against Holder.

“We interviewed many sources both inside and outside of the Justice Department for our book,” they wrote. “They all told us the same thing:  Holder politicized and radicalized the department to an extent they had never seen before. They stated that every decision made by Holder was through a political lens, not a legal lens.”

The “Democratic” Justice Department

According to von Spakovsky and Fund’s sources, Holder “filled the career ranks of the Justice Department with political allies, cronies, and Democratic Party donors,” many of whom are “still there and have been doing everything they can from inside DOJ to attack President Trump and get him removed from office.”

Holder, the authors continue, “directed his Civil Rights Division to misuse discrimination laws to attack state efforts to improve the integrity of elections, doing everything he could to make it easier to commit voter fraud, which has occasionally facilitated the election of members of his own party.”

“Holder,” von Spakovsky and Fund write, “damaged our national security by insisting that terrorists be treated as ordinary domestic criminals. He prosecuted the leakers of classified information in the lower levels of government but never went after his allies in the White House when they were caught leaking sensitive and classified information that benefited the public image of Barack Obama.”

And, this may come as a surprise to those who criticize President Donald Trump’s handling of the press, but Holder had his Justice Department secretly seized the telephone records of Associated Press reporters, even going so far as to get a secret warrant against then-Fox News reporter James Rosen to obtain his email and telephone records.

Boatloads of partisanship

These instances barely seem to scratch the surface of all of the wrongdoing the Holder committed during his stint as attorney general. In their article, von Spakovsky and Fund list others and suggest that there are many more.

What becomes apparent is that not Barr, but rather Holder has to be one of the most “plainly ideological” and “nakedly partisan” attorney generals in our country’s history.

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