Hospital president says Biden's migration crisis 'unsustainable' for healthcare providers

 December 26, 2022

The Biden administration has presided over an unprecedented wave of migration, with 2022 seeing a record number of illegal border crossings.

The influx has taken a toll on border state hospitals, with one facility racking up $20 million worth of unpaid bills over the last six months. 

That's according to Yuma Regional Medical President Dr. Robert Transchel, who explained on Friday how the crisis has been impacting medical services.

Illegal migrants have a wide range of medical needs

"People always think they're coming in with coughs and colds, but that's not really the case," Transchel told "Fox & Friends" co-host Will Cain. "You have individuals come in that need dialysis, that need heart surgery, that need cardiac catheterization."

"We've had women come into our labor and delivery unit that have delivered infants that need to be in the neonatal ICU for sometimes months at a time," Transchel continued.

He then laid out the difficulty of billing illegal immigrants for the care they receive, saying, "We don't know where the migrants are going to end up."

"We don't know where they go," the doctor stressed. "We don't know if the name is correct. And we just don't know any of these things."

What's more, Transchel said that although government figures at both the state and federal levels have been "sympathetic," none of them are "offering a payer source for these individuals."

Situation is "unsustainable"

"It's an unsustainable business model to have your expenses increased by an external entity consistently and increasingly without any concomitant revenue source," he emphasized.

While closing off the flow of illegal migrants would help to alleviate pressure on healthcare providers, incoming House Majority Leader Steve Scalise told "Fox & Friends" that no such relief is on the horizon.

"President Biden doesn't care about that because he knows the solution is closing the border, and he doesn't want to," Fox News quoted Scalise as saying.

"This is something that could be and should be addressed in the government funding bill," he said of the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package which was passed last week.

"And it's not," Scalise complained. "In fact, this omnibus that's coming up today actually makes it harder to secure our border. No new funding for our Border Patrol agents, but they actually give money to foreign countries to secure their border and other parts of the world. This is insanity."

While not helping to secure America's border, a report put out by the conservative Heritage Foundation found that the bill does include millions for "LGBTQIA+" groups as well as antiracism training.

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