‘Hostile’ and ‘hysterical’: Tucker Carlson slams media for dismissing Wuhan lab COVID origin theory

The suggestion that COVID-19 may have originated in a Chinese laboratory has long been dismissed by members of the mainstream media as being a fringe conspiracy theory.

However, that idea has now gained significant traction, with even Dr. Anthony Fauci now conceding that it’s a possibility. Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently addressed the flip-flop, and he didn’t hold back in his criticism. 

How COVID originated

On Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday evening, the Fox host pointed out that uncovering the true origins of COVID-19 “was more than a matter of simple curiosity.”

“If you want to prevent the next disaster, you have to determine how the current one happened,” he said. “That’s why we have an NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). If we didn’t investigate plane crashes very carefully, planes would keep crashing, and you would never fly.”

“So as this virus spread around the world, the rest of us waited for some credible public health authority — the CDC, the WHO, anyone — to come forward with details on where it came from,” Carlson continued. “But no one ever did come forward.”

Chinese scientists

Carlson complained that instead, Americans were given “a completely ridiculous story” involving a market which sold “exotic mammals like pangolins, which somehow became a vector for infection.”

However, Carlson pointed out that early on Chinese scientists “had a very different view of what happened” as researchers at “the South China University of Technology uploaded a paper on the origins of the coronavirus onto the internet.”

They argued the virus “likely came from an animal called the Intermediate Horseshoe Bat,” a claim that Carlson found “interesting” given how “there are no known colonies of Intermediate Horseshoe bats within 900 kilometers of Wuhan” and none were being sold in the city’s wet market.

Thus, the Chinese scientists came to an “obvious” conclusion: “the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan,” which used intermediate horseshoe bats for research.

Carlson noted that that study was quickly taken offline and “public health officials in the West ignored it completely,” with some becoming “hostile, in some cases, hysterical” when it was mentioned.

Facebook still banning Chinese virologist

Carlson recalled that when the Chinese virologist Dr. Lee-Mung Yan appeared on his show to discuss her theory that COVID emerged from a lab, Politifact denounced her words as “inaccurate and ridiculous” yet “never explained how they could know that.” Neither did the social media companies that censored her story.

He concluded by saying that despite Politifact retracting its earlier denunciation of of Yan, Facebook still has yet to change its stance, something Carlson attributed to the company having “too much business in China.”

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