House Democrat seemingly disappears from Georgia midterm race

The midterm elections are approaching, and Rep. David Scott (D-GA) is missing in action, Breitbart News reports

The incumbent, Scott, is facing a challenge from Republican candidate Caesar Gonzales for his 13th Congressional District seat, which he has held since 2003.

Scott, however, as local media outlets have confirmed, is nowhere to be found. He hasn’t been on the campaign trail, and his social media presence — well, he’s had almost no presence.

This, of course, is highly unusual behavior for a candidate who is up for reelection.

Scott’s last congressional sighting

There are various theories out there about what is going on with Scott. The most prevalent one is that Scott’s people are keeping him from the public because his health is failing — Scott is 77 years old.

According to Gonzales, Scott’s opponent, “the last time anybody has seen him was in September in Congress.”

Gonzales recently recalled that sighting, saying:

The [September] appearances that he made were very tightly managed. You could not go in there unless you were invited. Only certain members of the press were allowed, and only certain people could take pictures. … He’s very feeble and he’s been in declining health, and in that condition, you don’t want your constituents to see you.

The local rumors

Scott “Rhino” Rheinhold, a radio host for Atlanta’s 106.3 Xtra, recently told listeners that the local rumors are that Scott has either died or is in hospice.

Rheinhold described an unusual phone call that he recently had with Scott after he — or at least someone pretending to be Scott — returned his call.

Rheinhold, who had spoken to Scott in the past, said:

I don’t even know if this was really David Scott calling me, to be honest, [but it] set my radar off because he said one thing to me that was a little weird. I said “Are you doing any campaign events? … Are you going to be out doing events? Where have you been? [The voice responded] “I’ve been out! I’ve been campaigning, man. I’ve been putting yard signs everywhere”… So at this point, I’m like, “Wow, that really didn’t sound like David [Scott].”

What now?

There is now talk that Gonzales might just end up winning Scott’s seat by default.

But, the truth is that nobody seems to know what is going on. Scott’s team and the Democrats are keeping whatever is going on with Scott a closely guarded secret.