House Democrat staff member fired over Chinese Embassy ties

A Democrat staffer serving Virginia Rep. Don Beyer (D) was fired after she reportedly contacted other congressional staff members to invite them to meetings with Chinese embassy staff.

The report was shared by National Review following an investigation by the Sergeant at Arms’ office.

The official statement

“Congressman Beyer was totally unaware of these activities prior to being contacted by the House Sergeant At Arms,” Aaron Fritschner, his deputy chief of staff, told National Review in a statement.

“As soon as he learned of them, he followed every directive he was given by security officials. The staffer in question is no longer employed by the office of Congressman Beyer,” the statement added.

The investigation

“The SAA contacted Breyer’s office Tuesday, saying that they were aware of two meetings Hamlett tried to set up at Charlie Palmer Steak restaurant near Capitol Hill. They instructed the representative not to take any action toward her until they could notify federal counterintelligence officials,” Breitbart News reported.

“The next day, following the SAA’s consultation with counterintelligence officials, Breyer’s office conducted its own internal investigation and found that Hamlett had attempted to set up meetings with at least two congressional Republican offices. She was subsequently fired,” it added.

The concerning report reveals a new layer of Chinese infiltration into the U.S. government.

China’s embassy has also sought to reach out to other members of both parties, leading to increased suspicions regarding the nation’s ambitions.

The investigation also comes just before the midterm elections, adding another level of concern related to China and national security.