House Democrats launch bill that would limit presidential power

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have introduced a new bill that would limit the power of the president in an apparent attack against former President Donald Trump.

“The bill, dubbed the Protecting Our Democracy Act, includes a number of tenets to prevent presidential abuses, restore checks and balances, strengthen accountability and transparency, and protect elections,” The Hill reported.

It is sponsored by nine House Democrats – all of whom chair committees – and is supported by Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” it added.

What It Intends

Creators of the bill have also launched a website to promote the act at

“The Protecting Our Democracy Act (PODA) is an historic package of pro-democracy reforms to create or strengthen guardrails preventing the abuse of executive power, restore Congress as a meaningful check on executive authority, and reinvigorate Congress’s exercise of its own constitutional power. Protect Democracy strongly supports these vital reforms,” the website explains.

“Without these important legislative measures, our democracy is at risk of backsliding into a more authoritarian form of government in which the president wields unchecked power — the very danger our constitutional system of checks and balances was designed to forestall,” it added.

What Would Happen

One interesting impact the bill could have if signed into law would be its impact if Trump runs for president in 2024. The law could either cause him to choose not to run, though unlikely, or could limit some of his executive powers while in office.

In addition, the legislation is closely connected with Pelosi’s actions regarding Jan. 6. Simply connecting the act with a dark day in the nation’s history will allow Democrats to continue to easily refer to their allegations of Trump’s actions on that day in the media for years to come.

The select House committee currently investigating Jan. 6 could also claim a partial “victory” if the bill passes. At it’s current rate, the group may continue meeting into 2022 and beyond with little else to show for its actions.

Another interesting twist is what impact the legislation could have on President Joe Biden. If the bill passed and went into effect during his presidency, what changes could occur?

At the moment, no major changes are expected, but the limitation of the president’s power could become a problem for the left if Republicans win back the House in 2022. The same plan designed to stop Republican leaders could also be applied to Biden.

The bill is still in its early stages and may not proceed. However, the goals of the bill have caused many to pay attention, especially as it seeks to limit the power of the nation’s top leader.

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