House Democrats push DC statehood bill through committee

A bill that would make Washington, D.C. a state has passed the House Oversight and Reform Committee on a party-line vote, clearing the way for the full House, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), to vote on the measure.

According to The Hill, the committee voted 25–19 to advance the bill, which is likely to pass narrowly in Congress’ lower chamber without any Republican votes.

A counterpart bill in the Senate would need 60 votes, including 10 from Republicans, to pass, which is highly unlikely.

Washington, D.C. was always a federal district, not a state, because it contained the nation’s capital, but the bill would reportedly shrink the district to a few blocks of government buildings and then make the rest of the territory a state.

Pros and cons

Proponents of statehood argue that the district’s 700,000 residents are not being represented equally with others in America. The district does not have representation in Congress, but does have three electoral votes in presidential elections, as The Hill notes.

Those who oppose D.C. statehood argue that it is a power grab by Democrats because the district leans heavily to the left. Moreover, the U.S. Constitution explicitly states that D.C. is not to be a state and should be represented by “the whole Congress,” not by specific representatives.

Worse still, if the 23rd Amendment granting electoral votes to the district is not repealed before making D.C. a state, it would give just a few hundred residents in the shrunken district unprecedented power during presidential elections. This issue is not dealt with in the bill currently before Congress.

It’s understandable that residents of D.C. — which number more than the tiniest states (by population) of Wyoming and Vermont — would want equal representation in Congress, but it seems like it shouldn’t be legal to overrule the Constitution without amending it.

Go through proper channels

Americans overall have long opposed D.C. statehood, and a 1978 constitutional amendment passed by Congress to give D.C. representatives and senators failed to get the necessary two-thirds of states to ratify it; only 16 did, according to the Boston Globe.

In contrast, the majority of Americans do favor allowing Puerto Rico to become a state, the Globe notes.

The argument that the effort is a mere power grab doesn’t make a lot of sense at first glance: D.C. is only asking for the same representation everyone else in the country has. How is that grabbing power?

It all becomes clearer, though, when it is looked at through this lens: Democrats are once again cutting corners and ignoring the Constitution because they want more control — and a way to keep it indefinitely.

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19 Responses

  1. Washington DC is already controlled by the Dems. They shhould not Make DC Another State. Pelosi and all of the Dems that pushed this bill through should face life in prison without the chance of parole!

    1. gwilson,

      The “prison” is already built. (fort pelosi) Keep the fence, and razor wire, Close the gates, use the National guard for “prison guards”. Just look at the money we will save.

    2. Gwilson didn’t we give those crooks enough a needle doesn’t cost that much . Heck you can find one on the street in D.C

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  3. No Statehood For D.C., we don’t need anymore states in this country. Screw Pelosi,Biden,Harris,and Schumer, they are the worst so called politicians i have ever seen, impeach all five of those idots, i almost forgot Mickey Mouse Obama.

  4. How nice for Nancy Pelosi – she finally gets to play President, have all her wishes come true, spend, spend, spend, and now the next in line: packing the Supreme Court and making DC a State. Does not matter what the Constitution says, doesn’t matter about the Bill of Rights, doesn’t matter about the rule of law – only what benefits her, her Democrat allies, and George Soros. Washington belongs to the Nation – not just the Democrats! It should never be “just another state”! Leave it alone!

  5. We don’t need another Negro or Latino State. We don’t need to be more screwed up than we are already.

    Give D,C. To Africa and Puerto Rico to Venezuela

  6. Just another bill that is unconstitutional! Republicans need to be as nasty and fight as hard as Pelosi!

    1. My personal opinion, Washington DC should remain neutral.
      Reason: First of all it is the capital of this country, thus it should remain neutral. Reason: if it is neutral, it will loose stature and prominence just to start off, and have minimal valuation, thus loosing stature and prominence. Consequently no valuation.

  7. You can’t write out of the Constitution what you don’t like. Requires an amendment and blessed by the state’s.
    WDC is specifically referenced in the Constitution. The congress needs to have a Constitutional Test for all bills prior to presentation. Waste of time and money just to fail the Constitution.

  8. They want representation like everyone else, then they can go back to the State of Maryland where they came from legally. I bet the original paperwork, if it can be found, states that the land reverts back to the state should the Federal Government decide they no longer have need for it. That’s what happened with the land in Virginia that was originally given to the Feds for the same purpose. It was decided that it wasn’t needed, so it was ceded back to the State of Virginia. The original idea was for DC to be shaped like a diamond, which with the land originally from Virginia, it would have been.

  9. Simple fact is that the Founders were right. DC is the Federal cit and its income and very existence is based on the presence of the federal government. by definition, whenever the federal government grows in size, power or wealth, all of the states are diminished. DC, in short, has a vested interest in the growth of federal power and the federal government. To create such an entity is to give the federal government itself through its employes and dependents a say in how the federal government shall govern. In addition to destroying the power balance between the federal behemoth and the states that creates an obvious conflict of interest.

  10. Nice of her to really show us what she thinks of our Constitution, trying to break it………..
    If it states in the Constitution that it is NOT to become a state, then I guess there is a reason to heed it……
    We can apparently only hope that it does NOT make it through the senate……………
    This woman is old and senilr and NEED TO GO, she does NOT care ONE IOTA about USA………….

  11. Absolutely not. If we wanted DC to be a state, we would have done that long ago. We do not want our government to have another fraction of power.

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