House Democrats take steps toward impeachment: ‘Trump must be removed’

President Donald Trump is facing yet another impeachment at the hands of House Democrats, this time on a single charge.

According to ABC News, Democrats confirmed their willingness to take another stab at removing Trump on Monday, filing a single article of impeachment against the president for “incitement of insurrection.”

The move came after a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump demonstrators last week that left five dead, ABC reported, including one U.S. Capitol Police officer. The mob stormed the Capitol as lawmakers were counting the Electoral College votes after a rally where the president and several of his allies repeated claims that the 2020 White House race was fraudulent.

“Impeached, convicted, and thrown out”

Among those calling for impeachment and removal of the president in the wake of the riot was Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, who called Trump’s actions “treasonous” in a speech Saturday, according to Breitbart.

Jeffries also said Trump presents “a clear and present danger” and “must be removed” from his role as commander-in-chief.

“Donald Trump must be removed from office immediately, he should be impeached, convicted, and thrown out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and forever banished to the dustbin of history,” the Democratic congressman declared, as Breitbart reported.

Speaking from the steps of New York’s City Hall, Jeffries was joined by other leading Democrats who echoed his words of condemnation. House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) was among them, and she said the president “should resign immediately,” calling him “a clear threat to our democracy,” according to Breitbart.

Also present was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), who reportedly complained, “Anyone who is that treasonous, anyone who has lost control of his mental abilities as to start an insurrection against the United States should not have his finger on the nuclear button.”

“Defiled the seat of American democracy”

While lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have called for Trump to resign or be forcibly removed over his alleged role in Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol, some have questioned whether the president’s Wednesday remarks could really be construed as inciting.

What’s more, in the days since, Trump has repeatedly condemned the violence, saying in a video statement last week that “the demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany expressed a similar sentiment in an earlier message to the press, saying Thursday:

What we saw yesterday was a group of violent rioters undermining the legitimate First Amendment rights of the many thousands who came to peacefully have their voices heard in our nation’s capital. Those who violently besieged our Capitol are the opposite of everything this administration stands for.

“We grieve for the loss of life and those injured, and we hold them in our prayers and close to our hearts at this time. We thank our valiant law enforcement officers who are true American heroes,” McEnany added.

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46 Responses

  1. The democrats prove more and more each day that they are mentally insane. Trump will not face impeachment because the Senate will not take this to trial. I am sick and tired of these parasites wasting tax payer dollars on their witch hunts. I think Pelosi and her band of communists, along with the RINO’s should be charged with treason.

      1. Suzy then all jof them should be thrown. all democrats and republicans soo we can start fresh. They all have their cheating and not for the people sides. You can not blame one person for all of Washington’s problems from politicians down to city leaders. I hope you don’t think it will be a perfect world if you remove one or a few… Wake up the rest of the country needs to be heard.

    1. I agree whole heartedly! We need to investigate why they really dislike our POTUS. Underneath all their rhetoric is a mountain of ties to corruption on their part. Some mental cases and some who really believe their BS. God is watching and they will get their due justice. If not here then when the meet their maker. Will it be God or will it be Satan! I think the latter. The left are evil greedy fools. I pray for the lord to right their wrongs! Amen

    2. Psychotic! Dictator Joe & Kamala are not capable of leading our country because of his malicious nature and pettiness. If it’s this bad now, can you imagine the horror of life after January 20???
      Joe Biden & Kamala must be removed on the 25th Amendment for 1) Election fraud, 2) China’s interference in our elections, 3) Totalitarian censorship; 4) the use of PAID ANTIFA & BLM thugs as brown shirt enforcers for Democrat politicians. They both deserve to be removed.

    3. All of these Communist Democrats and their traitor followers need to be deported out of this country they have committed treason to the United States and do not belong in this country. Why they are not in prison for treason is so wrong. What is wrong with the people letting this treason go on by them. Trump, did not lose the election they stole it. Biden is a Communist traitor and they are all in with China. The proof is coming out on all of them. Trump, is not going anywhere.

  2. I pray daily that those hostile unconstitutional politicians and their big tech henchpeople suffer every day of their lives and will NEVER forever dwell in the House of the LORD….

  3. This is a total waste of taxpayer dollars, since this witch hunt will even be voted on in the U.S. Senate, prior to inauguration Day.

  4. That would be nice NAncy in two years we will have more republicans because 90% running will loose to republicans what do you think happened during the last election. Wow you will be history and that would be nice as youhave not done a thing in two years they need to impeach you absolutely you forgot who you worked for it was all citizens absolutely ruined the Democratic Party

  5. One has to wonder if good Old Bill’s daughter was among the people at the capital that day. We all know what a fine upstanding person she is. Just like a chip off the OLD Block head father.

  6. 100000 percent agree! They all need to be dragged out of the congress chambers and charged with insurrection, inciting a riot, and prosecuted . Piglosi is stark raving mad, so filled with hate it has made her crazy. She is hell bent on destroying President Trump and all he stands for, and all his supporters as well. If she gets her way, we will not be safe in our own homes, if we side with President Trump. The Nazi pogroms in the Second World War will be done again, purging all republicans, like Hitler tried ( and succeeded) against the Jewish people in Germany! She MUST be stopped if we hope to keep our country free from her insanity!

  7. While Senators were in the capital legally questioning specific electoral votes, on behalf of the president, does anyone seriously think the president would send people to disrupt his defense efforts? How sick do you have to be to believe he would disrupt his OWN defense?

    1. Exactly the point, that I’ve been asking as well. In my view, the involvement of both Antifa & BLM…was “spurred on” by the Democrats to forestall any form of questioning any part of the Electoral Count. All done…to smear & ruin Trump’s whole tenure as President, which was politically attacked starting from the time he came down the elevator to announce…that he was running for President. This has been five solid years, of political attacks…based on the Russian-hoax and now… a small group of interlopers into the Congressional Building.

      One point…that needs to be also asked, at what point in history…. have any forms of violence, or demolitions, been a part of any previous Trump Rally?
      The answer is simple: none, zero, zip, nada.

  8. The fact is, President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong, so the Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi, the WITCH, wants to push thru
    an an unwarranted impeachment, so they have nothing to do it with cause there is NO validity to it, So it will go nowhere and she is just wasting tax dollars and time on another one if her witch hunts, she can’t go to hell soon enough, she is filled with rage and hate and is demonic, she needs a demonic cleansing, Lol!!!
    Doing nothing for the people because her red rage has taken over once again, she can not see straight, people need to do a 25th amendment on her and get her out office, she is not fit and needs to be put in an insane institution!!!

    1. There was nothing valid, in the Russian-hoax, but it didn’t stop the Democrats from lying, and lying, and lying ….as they pushed to impeach the first time!

  9. I agree whole heartedly! We need to investigate why they really dislike our POTUS. Underneath all their rhetoric is a mountain of ties to corruption on their part. Some mental cases and some who really believe their BS. God is watching and they will get their due justice. If not here then when the meet their maker. Will it be God or will it be Satan! I think the latter. The left are evil greedy fools. I pray for the lord to right their wrongs! Amen

  10. Sleepy Joe an all the dirt lies an crookedness an that side kick should not be President with all that on table w proof of it to boot!!!
    Who Needs a Liar as Leader of OUR COUNTRY!

    Will never vote Again in any Election
    Don’t Trust Nobody!

    1. I know how you feel, but refusing to vote (abdicating) only aids the Democrats
      and reduces how much they will need to…work to take whatever they want.

  11. You demoncraps really don’t listen to anybody do you … it was Antifa who started the riot in the Congressional building .. people dressed in black were let into the building by building security officers …. a law professor and a constitutional expert went over President Trumps speech given before the protest began and declared that there was not one word on incitement or one idea of incitement in the speech …. Do your damned homework for once instead of just piling on an innocent man!

    1. Connie, there’s reality in your statement, but sadly… that is probably the reaction that the anti-gun communist Democrats want. Let’s not sink to that. After surviving 8 years with Obama, we can survive and keep our ethics for ……the next 4 years with Harris-Biden. Hold onto the Constitution, and we will eventually be rid of this scourge.

  12. Nutty Nancy and the other democratic idiots say the president is dangerous but not BLM and Anfita are not dangerous. The whole world is going nuts. Especially law enforcement and the courts.

  13. At least half of Congress (All damrats) should be impeached also then with exciting riots most of last year& did nothing 2 stop them even Harris had staffers bailing out rioters & didn’t condemn all the burning & killings threw out this country they just need 2 b thrown on jail with there buddies the antifa

  14. The lefts ability at comprehension is really lousy. Trump clearly said “Peacefully” march and the capital fiasco started just before the march got to the capital. Then, what about the cops at the side of the capital that opened the doors to a group of protestors? I think the true criminals are the ones moving so fast to convict with such limited knowledge of exactly WHO was involved.

  15. Many time I ask Pelosi a BREACK DOWN STUPID OLD B…CH , beside she is not normal!!!!!! One intelligent , good educated women do not doing in the tax payers money that so much ,what she is doing, in special to the PRESIDENT HO REALY DONT DID NOTHING WROANG !!! HE DID EWERYTHING for the NATION to have jobs, millions can afford to bay house ,better salary , and coming one this old IDIOT LIKE BIDEN AND PELOSI AND DESTROYE MILLIONS LIFE !!! I PRAY AND I HOPPE this IDIOTS go in JAIL OR IN CEMETERY!!!THE HELL WHIT THIS KRUKED DEMOCRATS ,HO DESTROYE AMERICA , THAY STUPID COMMUNISTS !!!

  16. Why do Democrats say Republicans are dividing the country when it is Democrats who are causing all the problems. They are the ones that are constantly bring lawsuits, etc against Trump causing a constant disruption with in the operation of the government. It is amazing he was able to get anything done in office as Democrats were frantic to find something that he was doing illegal. I am an Independent voter and I am ashamed of the people in Washington D.C. and the lack of respect shown to the office of the President.
    What are the Democrats hiding?? I think that is why they are afraid of Trump.

  17. good they are setting a precedence right now. Just because they are doing this now every President from this day forward will be judged on their actions! Not only will this happen to Presidents but all those who encourage riots in the house and senate will also be judged by this standard and from now on anyone in Congress or Presidential level will constantly be judged by this procedure they are enacting and they are setting a legal precedence that the Scotus will presiding over. So it will become law of land for any given government official period!!!!!

  18. Nancy Pooploosie is on a rage of war right now! When her plan to storm the White House with Antifa posed as Trump supporters the Feds went inside with them. Guess what? They confiscated Nancy POOPLOOSIE’S laptop! Her attemps to bring down President Trump will fail, once again! However, this time the game is OVER!

  19. Way to keep the attention off of the Biden mafia you Dems. Always trying to defer the attention a way from your own sins.

  20. I recognize the man chasing the officer up the stairs at Capital building, he is Antifa from Portland riots on TV. Why is Pelosi son in law conversing with Antifa member, with the head horns, in front of the Capital ? The Horn man was later arrested. Trump supporters have never caused riots, just Antifa. A retired FBI agent saw bus loads of Antifa brought in, I notice the media squashed his comments right away. He recognized them from previous riots in other states. Pelosi impeachment isn’t about the Capital, she wants to stop Pres. Trump from ever holding ANY office again I believe Durham has the treason goods on her. I want to thank Conservative Institute for letting all of us voice, good or bad.

  21. I will never vote for a democrat again, not even to be dog warden in a local election, I will never vote for another rhino either. No more donations to the the Republican Party, I will only be donating directly to specific candidates that support an American first agenda. I am an awake and informed American citizen.

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