House Democrats seek to tie Trump’s hands in the Middle East

Democrats continue to look for ways to restrict President Donald Trump’s role as commander in chief following the takedown of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

After passing the War Powers Resolution this past week, House Democrats are considering two more pieces of legislation that would restrict the president’s ability to carry out further action in the Middle East. 

Two new bills

One thing that House Democrats are looking to do is to repeal the 2002 congressional authorization for the use of the military in Iraq, the Washington Examiner reported.

This authorization played a key role in the killing of Soleimani as it was cited as a basis for the drone strike. House Democrats hope that repealing it will prevent similar actions in the future.

The other measure that House Democrats would like to pass would stop funds being used for military operations in Iran without the consent of Congress.

One of the things, of course, that got House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other congressional Democrats hot under the collar is Trump’s decision not to tell them about his administration’s plan to take Soleimani out. With such legislation, the House wants to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

House Democrats, joined by three Republicans, passed the War Powers Resolution this week, seeking to limit the president’s ability to carry out military operations against Iran. The resolution “requires the president to consult with Congress ‘in every possible instance’ before introducing United States Armed Forces into hostilities,” one Democrat explained. The bill, a concurrent resolution, is nonbinding, meaning that it has no effective force.

Likely to pass

As the House of Representatives is currently controlled by the Democrats, there is no doubt that they can get both measures through to the Senate. This is made more certain by the fact that some Republicans, worried about President Trump leading America into another war in the Middle East, would likely join the Democrats in voting for these measures.

As Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) pointed out, both measures already passed through the House — with Republican support — last year.

“Our legislation passed the House last year with 27 Republican votes and should have never been stripped out of the Defense bill,” Khanna said. “We have another chance to pass this legislation and avoid the next trillion-dollar war in the Middle East. It’s a necessary step to preserve our constitution and represent our constituents’ desire to avoid another catastrophic war.”

So what?

Accordingly, both measures will likely pass the House and possibly the Senate.

If this does indeed happen, then the measures will end up on President Trump’s desk. He would then be expected to use the powers granted to him by the Constitution to veto them.

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