With the support of 9 Republicans, House Dems pass bill to provide path to citizenship for ‘Dreamers’

Led by President Joe Biden, Democrats have made quite clear in recent years that they want to open up America’s borders — and if given the chance, it’s not a stretch to assume they’d roll out the welcome mat to any and all who wish to migrate to the United States.

Right in line with that goal, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted 228–197 on Thursday to pass H.R. 6, a bill that would provide a path to citizenship to so-called “Dreamers” and grant legal status to other undocumented migrants who fall into certain categories.

Permanent lawful status

According to Fox News, nine Republicans joined the entire caucus of House Dems in voting for the measure, which would allow the estimated 3 million “Dreamers” enrolled in the controversial Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — typically, undocumented migrants who arrived in the U.S. as children — a pathway to legal status.

Known as the Dream and Promise Act of 2021, or H.R. 6, the bill would grant a “conditional permanent resident status” to eligible DACA recipients and protect them from deportation.

Fox News reports:

[The] legislation grants the young immigrants conditional permanent resident status for 10 years and cancels removal proceedings if they pass a background check, pay fees, and graduate from high school. They’re eligible for full green card status if they meet more requirements such as a college degree, military service, or three years of employment.

H.R. 6 would also offer a path to lawful permanent resident status to migrants who have obtained Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforced Departure (DED), provided that they meet certain eligibility requirements, Fox notes.

Also included in the bill are a number of other measures reportedly designed to shield migrants from deportation while their applications for relief are processed.

GOP support?

According to Roll Call, the nine Republicans who voted in support of the measure were Reps. Don Bacon (NE), Mario Diaz-Balart (FL), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Carlos Gimenez (FL), Dan Newhouse (WA), Maria Elvira Salazar (FL), Christopher Smith (NJ), Fred Upton (MI), and David Valadao (CA). But even they were willing to admit the legislation is far from ideal.

In an interview with Roll Call, Rep. Upton said candidly that H.R. 6 is “not a perfect bill,” but that he feels sympathetic to Dreamers. Meanwhile, Rep. Salazar cited a desire to extend an olive branch to progressives as her reasoning for backing the bill.

“I want to send the right message to the Democrats that I’m willing to work with them. Let’s see if now they’re going to work with us,” she told reporters, according to Roll Call.

GOP leadership in the House seems to feel differently, however. “When you have a crisis at the border, the last thing you should do is make it worse,” House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA) said of the legislation, according to Fox. “That’s what this bill does.”

H.R. 6 will now move on to the evenly-split Senate, where a partisan fight is likely to erupt as Democrats seek to convince at least 10 Republicans to advance the measure to the president’s desk.

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24 Responses

  1. What does this have to do with the border beyond-crisis? They’re two different groups, as I (probably fool7shly) see it.

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  3. Dreamers have the same rules that everyone has. They don’t have citizenship yet. So go back to your home country and apply or be thrown out.

  4. Apparently LAWs don’t mean anything anymore. What part if illegal don’t they understand? Why reward people for doing something illegal? It’s a slap in the face to all those that have gone through the process and the ones that are waiting to complete the legal process. The democrats reward the criminals and punish the honest law abiding citizens. The current administration is a disgraceful, incompetant poor excuse for a government.

  5. It’s a sad sad World we’re living in today so much corruption going on you do not know who to believe anymore. I am just watching the show I cannot wait for the ending

  6. Army Strong still matters….well, to the conservatives; you know, the Americans your Commander In Chief is grooming you to kill? Then, Iran and China will come for you that are left.

  7. I always thought that the members of congress were there to represent the PEOPLE of the United States and our rules NOT the rest of the world, but I guess I am mistaken!!!!

  8. Seriously? One of them voted for deeply flawed legislation just to send a message to Democrats that she was willing to work with them, in hopes that her efforts would be reciprocated. Where has she been for the past fifteen years? There are very, very few Democrats that are interested in anything other than pushing their extreme agenda down our throats. Why, oh why do people keep electing absolute idiots to public office? It is way past due that we demand much better from our elected officials.

  9. So disappointed to hear ANY Republican voted for amnesty for ANY illegal alien!! Yes – vote them out the next time they’re up for reelection! Glad to see that none of the traitors are from Texas!!

  10. NO citizenship for ILLEGAL aliens–whether they are adults, dreamers, or anchor babies–PERIOD!

  11. Censored again! Wake up people, the First Amendment is going, going, and soon gone. We no longer have free speech. It has been removed by people with the ability to censor anything you say that they don’t like. It’s here, deal with it.

  12. Censored again! Wake up people, the First Amendment is going, going, and soon gone. We no longer have free speech. It has been removed by people with the ability to censor anything you say that they don’t like. It’s here, deal with it. This post is being removed because it looks like I already said it. I didn’t, that’s a lie. They already removed my first post, this is not a copy.

  13. Giving citizenship to illegals is unfair to those who come here legally and go through the right process! Rewarding border jumpers is a slap in the face of all citizens and those who come here legally! What part of illegal do these idiot politicians not understand? Or is it that they do not care?

  14. We are in crisis due to this irresponsible administration! Our borders are being overrun with illegal immigrants and we’re spending well over $86,000,000 for their housing alone. Then there is feeding, medical, etc. What are we doing for our own citizens that are hungry and living on the streets? What about ou Veterans? These illegal immigrants are getting free medical care but my daughter can’t get a test to rule out cancer because she doesn’t have the money for the high copay. Whose jobs are going to be taken away because the illegal immigrants need them to stay in the country? Is the Biden administration representing U.S. citizens or illegal immigrants/foreign citizens? What happened to obeying the laws of the nation? We are rewarding the lawless and punishing law abiding citizens!!

  15. Well at least we know that we have 9 foolish Republicans. Extend an olive branch, what a bunch of fools. The Dem’s only know how to take. They never give back or work with you it’s always a one sided deal. Simply look at their history .

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