House Dems want to censure Marjorie Taylor Greene over mean tweet

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) lives rent-free in the heads of most of the Democratic Party, but especially those in the House.

Her political opponents are always scheming up something against her, as she’s one of the few members of Congress who is entirely unafraid to speak her mind.

According to the Washington Examiner, Greene is now taking flak from House Democrats over a tweet she wrote in which she compared President Joe Biden to Adolf Hitler. 

Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL) is the Democrat leading an effort to punish her for the tweet in the form of a House censure vote.

Schneider is a baby

The attempt to censure MTG over the tweet, which was a hilarious mock-up of Biden with a Hitler mustache, which was entirely appropriate after his Hitler-like, hellscape speech he gave earlier this year. You know the one — with the evil red vampire lighting where he pointed and yelled in true dictator-like style?

“Clearly, she has not learned, or worse perhaps she doesn’t care. She continues to dismiss the horrors of the Holocaust and use vile comparisons to incite her fans and divide our nation,” Schneider said.

He added: “Her hateful rhetoric has no place in our politics and certainly not in the chambers of Congress. She owes the American people, the survivors and families of those persecuted by the Nazis, and every family of what is still the ‘Greatest Generation’ an immediate apology.”

The Examiner noted: “Reps. Brenda L. Lawrence (D-MI), Nikema Williams (D-GA), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), and Kathy E. Manning (D-NC) have signed on to the resolution.”

Campaign time

Greene, luckily, doesn’t have much in the way to worry about as far as holding on to her House seat in the 2022 midterms.

Her challenger, Marcus Flowers, trails her in the polls and doesn’t have near the fundraising power that MTG has, meaning his run will likely fizzle out on Election Day.

Greene has experienced backlash from House Democratic leadership before, which didn’t stop her momentum. Schneider’s attempt will likely end in the same result.