Biggs: House GOP agrees ‘Nancy Pelosi must be removed as Speaker of the House’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been targeted by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), who is on a mission to dismiss Pelosi from her seat as Speaker. Biggs called upon Pelosi to “vacate the chair” in a video published on Twitter on Friday. 

Biggs began pushing for the removal of Pelosi as House Speaker some weeks ago after she was caught flouting COVID-19 rules to get an illicit blow-out at a San Francisco hair salon.

“A footnote in history”

“I’ve been leading the efforts in the House of Representatives to remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House,” Biggs wrote on Friday. “Most Republican Members of Congress wholeheartedly agree that this action must be taken!”

Biggs explained how his supporters in the House could go about dismissing Pelosi from her seat as Speaker, and said that he hopes that a motion to remove her will come to a floor vote.

“She’s going to end up as a footnote in history,” Biggs declared. “She’s going to lose Congress, the House of Representatives two times as Speaker of the House. That’s never been done before in the history of the country.”

Biggs announced this week that GOP leadership allowed him to bring the motion to force Pelosi out of the chair up for debate among the inner conference.

“I have spent many hours over the last few weeks, strategizing with my colleagues and talking to them about the necessity of taking this action,” he said. “Most Republican Members of Congress wholeheartedly agree that Nancy Pelosi must be removed as Speaker of the House.”

On the verge

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) commented last week that he will initiate a motion to remove Pelosi as speaker if she attempts to impeach Trump to block his Supreme Court nominee. Pelosi appeared to back down on her veiled threats to impeach afterward.

However, on Sunday, Nancy Pelosi again appeared to be reluctant to completely rule out impeachment — this time for Attorney General Bill Barr.

In a Sunday appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper asked if Pelosi had ruled out impeaching Barr as a means of slowing down SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

Pelosi deflected:

Well, what is the use of talking about that? What we’re talking about is the price the Republican senators will pay if they vote to overturn the pre-existing medical condition, which they’ve been out to get as well as the president had been out to overturn. Now I’m not into the process. I’m into the policy. But I do want to point out that they have totally misrepresented their position on this. In fact, you could say they are lying.

Pelosi has refused to completely rule out impeachment as a way to block Barrett’s installation on the high court, but Pelosi has been warned by numerous GOP leaders that her days as Speaker are numbered if she chooses to initiate new impeachment proceedings.

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