House GOP, with its new majority, is called upon to investigate Dr. Fauci

Now that it is known that Republicans will control the U.S. House of Representatives in the next congress, many are calling for House Republicans to investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci over his handling of the COVID pandemic. 

Among those making such a call is Fox News Host Jesse Watters.

Haul ’em in

Watters called for House Republicans to investigate Fauci during Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s The Five. There, Waters talked about what to expect from Republicans when they take control of the House in January. And, according to Waters, an investigation of Fauci is on the list.

“The first thing we will see is I want to see Fauci hauled in,” Waters said.

“I want to watch him squirm,” he continued. “I want to see him disclose the royalty he is taking from Big Pharma.”

It’s coming

House Republicans, in the midterm elections, ran on the promise to conduct a wide array of investigations should they regain control of the House. Among those promised investigations is an investigation of Fauci and the COVID pandemic.

Now, the question is whether House Republicans will follow through on this promise. And, at the moment, we don’t know for sure. House Republicans have yet to comment on the matter since they learned that they will retake the House.

Newsweek, however, just reported, “Republican lawmakers may be working behind the scenes on an investigation of Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

Fauci is ready

Fauci, himself, was recently asked to comment on the possibility of being investigated by the Republicans.

“I welcome oversight,” Fauci said. “I have no problem with oversight. I’ve testified before congress — literally, without hyperbole — hundreds of times over the last 38 years.”

On a separate, recent occasion, Fauci said, “I have nothing to hide at all, despite the accusations that I’m hiding something. I have nothing that I could not explain clearly to the country and justify.”

Therein may lie the problem: Fauci is likely to try to explain everything away, as he has done before, if called upon to testify before the House. Accordingly, it would be wise for House Republicans to make sure that they have solid evidence of wrongdoing before they try to pin Fauci down in a hearing.