House Republican slams Democrat effort to impeach Bill Barr: Report

Failing to remove President Donald Trump from office, House Democrats now have set their sights on Attorney General Bill Barr. But after Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) introduced a resolution calling for Barr’s impeachment, members of the GOP came out swinging.

According to the Washington Examiner, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum this week that Dems’ efforts to impeach Barr are “completely ridiculous,” alleging that Democrats like Cohen are simply afraid of an ongoing probe out of Barr’s Justice Department that could prove detrimental to their cause.

“Breeding grounds of discontent”

Cohen released a statement late last month calling in no uncertain terms for the impeachment of Trump’s longtime attorney general.

“Even if the ultimate trier of the Senate is impotent to see the truth and to exercise discretion in keeping with the American public and the rule of law, we should pursue impeachment of Bill Barr because he is reigning terror on the rule of law,” Cohen wrote on June 24.

The Democrat lawmaker also alleged that Barr has engaged in racially motivated “harassment” of the marijuana industry, stating plainly that “Barr doesn’t like marijuana” and contending that “marijuana [laws are] seven times more likely to be enforced against young African Americans.”

“That’s one of the breeding grounds of discontent and distrust between African Americans and the police. It’s very unfortunate,” Cohen concluded.

“It’s completely ridiculous”

But Jordan, for his part, has dismissed those allegations, instead accusing Cohen and fellow Dems of being worried that Barr and his team are closing in on evidence that former Obama administration officials abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) during the infamous Trump–Russia collusion probe. Barr selected U.S. Attorney John Durham to head that probe in May 2019, as The New York Times reported.

In September of last year, Fox News reported that Durham’s inquiry had become a criminal investigation.

“The thing that scares [Cohen] about Bill Barr is the investigation he has tasked John Durham to complete,” Jordan told MacCallum this week, according to the Examiner. “They are afraid of what that might show, mainly the spying that took place, and that is what’s set these folks off.

“They spied on four American citizens associating with the presidential campaign, [which] probably hasn’t ever been done in American history,” Jordan explained, as the Examiner reported. He went on:

And for one of those American citizens, they used the now-famous dossier that was paid for by the [Hillary] Clinton campaign, which they didn’t tell the court to get the warrant to spy on him, that was written by a guy, Christopher Steele, who had told the FBI, told the Justice Department [that] he was desperate to stop Trump from getting elected.

Indeed, despite all this, Jordan says Dems used the phony Steele dossier “as the basis to go spy on a fellow American citizen”

“And now, they have the audacity to criticize Bill Barr, who’s trying to clean all this up and get to the bottom of it,” the Republican said, according to the Examiner. “It’s ridiculous. It’s completely ridiculous, and I think the American people understand it.”

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