Dozens of House Republicans break with Rep. Greene on motion to block COVID relief bill

Like Donald Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) often says that Republicans don’t know how to fight like Democrats, who always move as a unit. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that will be changing any time soon.

In just the latest sign of disunity in the Republican ranks, 40 House Republicans voted against a motion brought by Greene to hold up President Joe Biden’s nearly $2 trillion COVID-19 relief bill on Wednesday, The Hill reported.

A controversial figure

Greene, for her part, has quickly become one of the most vocal and controversial members of Congress, holding herself out as a champion of Donald Trump’s base who is unafraid to challenge business as usual in the “Swamp.”

The freshman GOP firebrand has been forcing votes to adjourn the House in order to slow down the Democratic Party’s agenda. She did so again Wednesday to delay Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, which she called a “massive woke progressive Democrat wish list.”

Forty House Republicans voted against Greene’s motion, more than the 18 House Republicans last time. Most Republicans, nearly 150 of them, still sided with her in the motion, which failed 149–235. Greene ended up delaying the partisan bill’s passage about an hour, and Biden signed it into law Thursday evening, as the BBC reported.

Greene’s votes have brought disruption to the schedules of lawmakers, but that’s exactly what she says she’s there in Washington to do.

“Some GOP members complained to me that I messed up their schedule. I’m not sorry for interrupting fundraising calls [and] breakfast,” she tweeted recently, according to Fox News.

The “Surrender Caucus”

According to USA Today, Greene has used the same tactic against three other major Democratic initiatives: their massive elections bill known as H.R. 1, the Equality Act, and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

Greene reportedly began using the strategy after she was stripped of her committee assignments in February following a media firestorm that saw liberals ramp up calls to expel her from Congress over controversial past comments.

According to The Hill, Never-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who was one of 11 Republicans to support removing Greene from her committees and one of a handful to impeach Trump, said of her motions: “I’m just tired of it. We’re doing this every day, and there’s no point. So I’m just done playing.”

In a letter, Greene listed the 40 Republicans who snubbed her this week by name and said they belong to the “Surrender Caucus.”

“With the woke progressive fire hose spraying on and on and on, my Republican colleagues are constantly saying they want to stop the Democrats,” she said. “But when time comes to stop them, it’s business as usual for some.” Greene has certainly got the right attitude.

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34 Responses

  1. 40 House Republicans break with Rep. Greene on motion to block COVID relief bill. Tell us just why in the hell we should support House Repub 2022. We will destroy the party before we vote for A-hole Repub’s The total House member that voted with Dems is adding up.

  2. Republicans need to start working together (nothing new there). The dems are ruining this country and nobody seems to want to stop them. Wake up!!

    1. YesRepblicans wake up. So what are you so afraid of? It’s a chess game & all their players are on their side . Where are our players?

  3. You Might Like
    1. I hope you’re right mustang, but I seriously doubt it!! Mail-in ballots will continue and as fraudulent as that is it’s not nearly as fraudulent as those electronic voting machines especially Dominion. If they don’t get rid of those the Republicans will never win another election that matters

  4. Aside from these so called Republicans faltering in support of blocking this Dumbocrats overindulged spending bill, JUST WHO IN THE HELL IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT. The illegals or the crumbling Dumbocrats run cities and states????

  5. We need more people in congress and senate willing to take a stand against these terrible selfish Democrats who are running everything. I admire Marjorie Greene for all she is doing. It is a shame we don’t have more like her!!!! 😢😢

    1. I totally agree , they need to stand together, even the Dems don’t all agree on a lot of their crap. Probably some are afraid of pelosi, she is so evil.

  6. Come 2022 the dems will STILL be in the majority. The dems stick together no matter what. Even when they are in the wrong, they will band together.
    The GOP is dead.
    When the SCOTUS is AFRAID to rule against the deep state, one can see how much power they have when sticking together.

  7. Representative Green is 100% correct! This is yet another illustration of why the GOP will NOT survive. The Liberals, at least, stick together, no matter how wrong they are. The Republicans can’t get their act together and work as a unit “together”! Hence, with the current GOP, real Conservatives are sick and tired of this and will not support them, myself included!

  8. I understand Republicans objecting to legislation, due to policy. She is objecting to Covid Relief. How do you object to Covid Relief. She is a no nothing clown, with no knowledge and no real principles other than to say “NO” Hopefully she will be gone, sooner rather than late

    1. Given that only about 10% of the 1.9 trillion is really CoVid relief and that most of it won’t be spent for at least a year, I think she’s on firm (dare I say firmer ground than you, who seem to judge only by the bill’s title?).

  9. Another case of robbing from the Poor and giving to the Rich with Ali Romney and the 40 Thieves.
    It sure builds the confidence and trust in the Republican Party as a Team.
    Lots of luck with these People Kevin.

  10. They could give $6,000. For that amount of money so who is getting the difference. Comrades Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi or are they all going to split it. This is the most corrupt spending to date and will enslave the American people for decades. That is, if we have that much time. The corruption of this Evil Party and its anti freedom, anti America is terrorism within our Government.

  11. Don’t visit our nations Capitol, Democrats in fear, armed soldiers, poison food, graffiti on streets, Biden could be on the loose, Republicans jailed! Stay away Danger Will Robinson, Danger, “Taxes everywhere”

  12. It was reported that the GOP was the party of the wealthy years ago, but now it’s apparent that the democrats have the money and control all media!
    The Billions that was spent to get sleepy joe out of the basement and into the White House and democrats in key states was disgusting. The profits the media made must be astonishing.
    When you have to spend millions to get a job that pays only thousands, your not in Washington for your constituents but for the interests that put you there.
    What this boils down to is if we want conservatives back in the majority it will take a l o t of money to put them in.
    So get ready to dig deep in your pockets to back the candidate that meet the requirements we need to make America Great Again for Americans!!!!!

  13. No more donations to the gop. The entire group of rino traitors must be put out to pasture. Our real president Trump will let us know who to back.

  14. Spineless republicans! Marjorie is trying to do the right thing, you could at least have her back( and no knife in your hand)! Get real people! Stop the demonrats or you will loose as well!

  15. No, all of you THUGS that want America to believe the Republican Party is about helping Americans are so misguided. The FACTUAL TRUTH is THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO HELP AMERICA AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE ONLY TRYIMG TO HELP THEMSELVES. AMERICA KNOWS THIS AND THAT IS WHY THE REPUBLICANS WILL NOT HOLD ANY MAJORITY FOR QUITE SOME TIME. Most of America is tired of the republicans doing nothing for our country and are fed up with it. YOU ALL DID THIS TO YOURSELVES.

    1. from what planet are you from. I can,t believe that you think that. how long will it take before you demrats can think on your own The demorats in washington and accross this nation take as holey what the democrats tell you. are you ever going to wake up and think or reason for your selves you live in a dream world. one day the democrats say one thing and the next they say something differant. whee i come from the is called LYING .YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE FOR THE REST OF US WE WILL PAY THE PRICE.

  16. God Bless America, Land that I love stand beside her and guide her with the light from above. Lord help us to be kinder to each other and help to remind us that the blood that run through veins is pretty much the same, that we are from Adam and Eve. Therefore we should love each other no matter whether we are Republicans or Democrats. No man is an island, no man stands alone, so I will defend each man as my brother and each man as my friend. A taxpayer servant should act like they are doing business for the people of the Country and that Congress is not their private play ground. Stop acting like children.

  17. We can’t wait til 2022…. our nation will be destroyed by then. Email and call your representatives. I did. Pat Toomey from PA sent me a response. I told him he is full of crap and that I am glad he is not running again for Senate.
    Senator Casey is another wasteful rep.
    Definitely NOT like his father. A former Democrat Governor I voted for. May he Rest In Peace. Trumpers ALL the way!

  18. What stupid republicans voted against blocking the covid bill, they would rather see this money wasted on Nancy’s list of stupid things to do with tax payers money then to back Greene! What complete idiots, I want their names so for the next 30 to 40 years that my children, grandchildren & great grandchildren will have to pay this money back that we do not have, they will know who to blame! I see now why we are in such a MESS in the USA, there are very few people in any branch of the government with a working brain!!

  19. Oh boy George, what flavor is that kool aid? Do YOU want your taxes to go to pay for piglosi’s pork barrel spending? This bill has so much crap in it it should be called the crap bill! Our money is going to illegals, they will be getting stimulus checks, while a lot of American citizens won’t ! Are you ok with that? And to convicted felons? What are you thinking( if you truly are)?

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