House votes 244-172 to reauthorize Biden-authored Violence Against Women Act: Report

In a 244–172 vote, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill this week that would reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) two years after it lapsed, The Hill reported.

But while the move was celebrated by Democrats, some Republicans have expressed concerns about the legislation, which was first authored by now-President Joe Biden and expired back in 2019, according to The Hill.

Support among Dems

Among the Democrats singing the bill’s praises is Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). “Women cannot go back,” Lee, who was among those to reintroduce the legislation in the lower chamber earlier this year, said, according to The Hill.

“Women cannot continue in an intimidated fashion to tragically be subject to men who violently attack them,” she added. “That is what this legislation is about.”

Support for the measure among Democrats wasn’t limited to the halls of Congress, however. President Biden, who originally introduced the Violence Against Women Act while serving as a Delaware senator in 1990, called on lawmakers to “come together in a bipartisan manner” to reauthorize it.

The president went on to call a recent worldwide upswing in domestic violence “a pandemic within the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Delay is not an option, especially when the pandemic and economic crisis have only further increased the risks of abuse and the barriers to safety for women in the United States,” Biden said in a statement, according to The Hill.

GOP cries foul

Meanwhile, Republicans are crying foul over the measure, which Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko (R) argues would harm gun rights by extending a ban on firearm purchases to those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence and stalking offenses against individuals they aren’t married to, living with, or have a child with.

Lesko also expressed unease over new rules that would require domestic violence shelters to accept transgender individuals who identify as women.

“I am intimately familiar with the desperate situations many women who are victims of domestic abuse face,” the Arizona Republican said on the House floor, according to The Hill. “As a domestic violence survivor, I know just how important services and protections are to women across our nation. Previous reauthorizations of the Violence Against Women Act have been bipartisan, but not this one.”

Lesko also reportedly charged that the bill “is filled with partisan priorities that force women’s domestic violence shelters to take in men who identify as women, strip away protections for religious organizations, and eliminate Second Amendment rights without due process.”

“The most egregious provisions of this bill push leftist gender ideology at the expense of important protections for women’s privacy and safety,” she concluded, according to The Hill.

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21 Responses

  1. Big deal. Like anybody supports violence against women. It’s an easy vote. Nothing brave about it.

  2. Not if it is filled with a lot pork disguised as protecting women which is what the Democrats are notorious for!

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  4. does this include pedophilia & rape, because if it does…we need to get Pedo Joe out of office, amongst others like Adam Schiff, to name one.

  5. This has little or nothing to do with protecting women. It’s strictly a far left con job to infringe on the 2nd amendment and push their gender bending men in ladies bathrooms.

    1. I agree it isn’t about protecting women. As a woman who had to deal with domestic violence real protections are needed. In our courts and with law enforcement. My husband was found guilty of domestic abuse fined $5000 and 1 year in jail all suspended by the judge and then ordered to “leave” your wife alone. He was told if he violated the courts order he would then have to deal with his sentence. I was one of the blessed women who had a family to surround me and live with me until he got fixated on his new obsession. It wasn’t the courts that came to my aid. Taking their gun rights is ridiculous since most abusers don’t give a darn about following “laws”. Veto this bill and get to work on a process that helps women stand on their own, like job training and financial services until not needed to survive without their abusers money.

  6. The left will do anything to “shove it down your throat”, to the point that NO woman would go to any of those shelters, and would rather take their chances on their own
    This like anything else that the left “cooks up” does NOT do anything for biological women’s protection and will in the end fail just like it did last (by expiring)………

  7. That is what happens in the elections. They say all this great stuff they are going to do before doing the opposite. It’s what they do not tell you. Every time. Yet people are still suckers. That is why you must look at their past. Like Biden said all this good stuff. Now it is a mess. Trump had a good business and carried out what he said based on his past accomplishments.Biden has been in for over forty years and yet, what good things has he done in forty years?

  8. As it is that the Dimwits have seen fit to include gender confused individuals into this, it won’t be long before this blows up in the face. Just as it is in jailed criminals. Right now, a man can just claim to be a woman and be transferred to a woman’s prison where there are multiple reports of women being raped by these cretins.

  9. So true! Men identifying as women should have separate facilities, in order to protect “ real” women! How hard is that? Identifying as a woman does not make one a woman! Simple biology folks!

  10. If we would have only known sooner that Putin and Biden were enemies
    I wonder how many would have voted for Biden knowing that we stand
    to be invaded by Russia since he is President and in power.
    Other things that have surfaced as well.

    1. Let’s not forget the CCP will probably join the Russians against us and then split the rewards right down the middle. What makes the Left think that either of those countries would allow them to remain in a leadership role?

  11. Biden is an IDIOT and soooooo STUPID. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI and SCHUMER!!! Get rid of all of them! IMPEACH – IMPEACH – IMPEACH!!!!!!!!?!

  12. If a guy says that he is a woman, then he must show us his gear and if he has a unit, it should be removed, then he could be rebuilt and mentally reprogrammed at his expense.

  13. Pork or no pork? this is the pork the jews and muslims refuse to eat, and the democrats are shoveling it.

  14. Most domestic violence,murders, rape, robberies, etc are caused by Democrats. Most Transgenders are Democrats. They need too make a shelter for all of them.

  15. New title for the USA, S.A., States of America.
    Soon to be Individual Countries like the Country of Florida, Country of Texas, and many more if Biden’s People don’t correct problem decisions. If not, California would become part of Middle America with all its inhabitants. As a matter of fact, Women would be safer and still carry a Gun, fixed and Markel would have 50 choices to be President of.
    “Forced Unity” is their target and the everyday People are obviously in the way.
    Did we watch Joe propose to Air Force One, three times and why didn’t anyone run up to help? Geez, I hope he didn’t hurt his sniffer.

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