Mike Huckabee suggests impeaching Kamala Harris for supporting rioters

What’s good for President Donald Trump has got to be just as good for the woman who is about to become our next vice president, one Republican said over the weekend.

Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor and two-time GOP presidential candidate, said that if Democrats want to impeach Trump for inciting riots, they also should impeach Kamala Harris for her actions in support of the Black Lives Matter riots over the summer. 

“If we’re going to impeach Donald Trump for what he said, then we’d better impeach Kamala Harris for saying the things she did last summer about the rioters and the looters. And even establishing a monetary fund to get them out of jail on bail so they could get back to the riots,” Huckabee said during an appearance on the Fox Business Channel on Saturday, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“Everybody should have a turn”

“If we’re gonna play this game, everybody should have a turn,” he said.

Huckabee’s comments referred to efforts by Harris to solicit donations for the Minnesota Freedom Fund after the George Floyd riots in Minneapolis, which raised money to pay the bail of protesters and others.

“If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” Harris tweeted on June 1. Besides providing support and encouragement for rioters who broke the law, the fund also helped pay the bail of a man who was accused of raping a young girl.

Harris has also said that “it’s critically important” that the BLM protests “continue” because of perceived inequities in the treatment of people of color by police. In the same June 2020 interview, she also opined that “the greatest movements in recent history have been born out of understanding the power of the people to take to the streets and force their government to address what is wrong, the inequities, the inequalities, the unfairness.”

She ignored the fact that the protests regularly devolved into violence, looting, and destruction of property in many U.S. cities over the summer.

Asking for consistency

Huckabee’s point is well-taken. By impeaching Trump for supposedly inciting a riot even though he never mentioned violence and specifically used the word “peacefully” in the speech they blame for the riot, Democrats have set a much stricter standard for incitement than can be found in any court of law.

But to be consistent, they need to apply that standard equally to Kamala Harris and others in their own party who have been even more blatantly supportive of the violence that lasted for months over the summer in some places.

Democrats have no interest in that kind of consistency, but you know who does? The American people, who will have a chance to register their disapproval of Democrats’ growing hypocrisy in less than two short years.

I’m sure there will be many more examples of Democrat hypocrisy to stoke that disapproval between now and then.

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51 Responses

  1. Here we go again…. “ We will be the most transparent administration. And not a smidgen of corruption” Sorry… you two corrupt, stay in the basement politicians have been doing the opposite ALL your years in office. We aren’t stupid enough to believe you. Just the FAKE news!

  2. sounds like a good idea to me but why stop there lets go on down the line with pelosi, shumer waters, finestine the not indian and all the rest

      1. If I am remembering correctly , the Congress has exempted itself from prosecution for anything they did in office ! Crazy huh ? They also get to give themselves pay raises which they took out of the last stimulus check ! So while they gave themselves over a $5000.00 raise they couldn’t give we citizens a $2000.00 check . They also decided that working 135 days a year was too strenuous so they will this year work only 101 days ! How is this right ? We pay them with a yearly salary and they work only 1/4 of the year ! Their pay should reflect this ! I am sick to death of the government , whom we pay , royally screwing us ! Something needs to be done now before biden takes away all of our rights ! ! !

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  4. Spot on !!!!! Time to go for equal justice under their law. Let us not forget Maxine Waters.. She has incited civil unrest and violence for over four years. At the least she should be removed from office. ………and I don’t want to hear her hiding behind the race card.

    1. William, it seems that women are the worst nightmare for politics……….They have no brains when it comes to dealing with the United States fairly…..Now they want the gates of Hades to open and let all the terrorists kill off all legal citizens………..At least JB will have a lot of hair to sniff and he will have his hands on rule………….

    2. My thoughts exactly….”When you see them out and about….eating in restaurants…get in their faces….don’t let up on them!” -=Maxine Waters
      And they wonder where the thought of division in the nation comes from. The “juvenile delinquent Dems” need a good lesson in “tolerance!” And kindness, etc.
      I pray they will come to know the Lord Jesus….and be born again in His grace. That is the answer to how the world can change for the better.

  5. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander . quack 🦆 quack 🦆 Kamala Harris 🤥🤥🥴🥴

  6. Jan 20,2021 most news is against Pres. Trump , but the DEM’s are the people that talked bad & harsh things to be done to him; the summer damage to cities
    was no action from DEM’s. NEWS REPORTERS dig into the real truth…..the D.C.
    mess was not all one sided—–why are some getting out of jail free ! YOU
    want to put the USA back together ? STOP THE B.S.

    1. I believe they are both having letters of impeachment written up now . Hopefully it goes somewhere other than file 13 ! !

  7. Sounds like a great idea!! New administration ain’t nothing to WRITE home about anyway. We have got to clean house in AMERICA. PROSECUTE their LYING, THEIVING BUTTS. KEEP GOING UNTIL WE CAN FIND SOMEONE WITH THE INTESTINAL FORTITUDE TO TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!!!!!

    1. Let’s just put the true winner of the 2021 election and the best president this country has ever had, President Donald J Trump back in the White House. Then put the demonrats who have committed treason before a firing squad.

  8. The corrupt politicians will only do what benefits them. Look at he RINOS. Our government is not a government of the people! May God bless us.

    1. It certainly is not for or by the American people . Let me rephrase , It is not for or by the loyal to the death American citizens . It is for the demonocrats and also for the illegals !
      We need to clean out every disloyal congress person and senator from both parties . Lower the salaries of both and get rid of the perks that are making them all rich and we the people poorer . At least we could be reasonably certain that whoever replaced them would be for the people and believers in our
      Beloved Constitution .

  9. YES, YES! IMPEACH HARRIS, BIDEN AND EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH THIS STOLEN ELECTION!! What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander the old saying goes! Throw them all in jail!!

  10. I can only say if there was ever anyone that deserves impeachment it is Kamala Harris. She knowing and willfully made sure the Dogs of Hell were set free to continue their acts of evil against our country and did so repeatedly over months and months of illegal upheaval.

  11. i think impeachment is due with kamalas remarks and actions. i feel they are more damaging than a phone call overseas. what is good for the goose is good for the gander so they say. i hope they dont say well you know she is a woman of color so let it be. no no. she said the words and provided money so let her stand up to actions and let the courts decide. maybe her old friend jerry brown will help her out.

  12. Harris should be impeached 4 condoning riots,funding riots & jailed 4 paying bail 4 a rioter who raped a young girl after bailed out. But according to the ( damrats) it was the summer of love

  13. It’s only fair to treat both sides fair and equal. Nobody is immune if you are prosecuting someone for one thing and not the other for the same thing.

  14. It’s about time someone did something about the other side which have done alot worse than us, and nothing has happened.

    1. But Pam it’s not just the demonocrats who are to blame . Mitch McConnell , Susan Collins , Mitt Romney etc. need to go as well .

      1. I just want to say that I am a conservative , and I am sick to death of supposedly conservative Republicans that when it comes right down to the wire they turn against their party . They are traitors to the party ! Unless of course if what they are voting on is obviously something that should not go through and they vote their conscience . But not if the reason is that they just don’t like someone ! ! !

  15. Yes go get her, and Biden Pelosi, Schumer , Waters, they all supported the riots. If they felt that Trump broke the Law then they broke the Law. This can not be one sided, goes for both Partys.

  16. This just may be one of the best ideas to come out of Huckabee’s head! It is a ggrrreeeeaaatttt idea and deserves serious consideration! Along with this feau pas, she also stated in a taped interview that Antifa would not stand down, repeated this over and over. Then she said they would not stand down, and WE should not stand down. Talk about inciting violence! She scored twice doing just that!

  17. Remember the Dems’ favorite saying for 4 years when they told lies about President Trump; “No one is above the law.” Why not those lying bums. They’ve broken every law in the books. Jail all of them now, and save our country.

  18. I totally agree that Harris, along with several other lying Democrats, not the least of which is Joe Biden, should be impeached! However, the Democrats aren’t held to the same standards, so it’ll be a cold day in Hell before any Democrat is impeached. There is much more evidence for impeachment of Harris than there ever was for President Trump, but it won’t happen.

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