Hunter Biden documentary hits 90% ranking on Rotten Tomatoes, beats Thor sequel

A conservative film exposing the scandals involving Hunter Biden has hit a 90% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, ranking higher than recent blockbusters such as Marvel’s latest Thor sequel.

The new film from Breitbart News offers the conservative media group’s first step into filmmaking with a take on one of the most controversial issues of our time.

The reaction

“Rotten Tomatoes said My Son Hunter has received an average audience score of 4.4 stars out of 5 from more than 250 audience reviews so far,” the outlet noted.

“The reaction has surpassed those of many current studio releases, including Disney’s direct-to-streaming Pinocchio, starring Tom Hanks, which has an audience score of 33 percent (2.3 out of five average rating); and Thor: Love and Thunder, which has an audience score of 77 percent (four out five),” it added.

The film also takes on President Joe Biden. A trailer released for the film reveals Biden kissing the neck of a secret service agent.

“One of the images from the teaser clips show James sniffing a woman’s hair as a depiction of some images of President Biden standing uncomfortably close to women and children. Another shows someone pulling a gun on Fox as he plays Hunter,” the Daily Mail reported.

Familiar canceled face

The film also stars Gina Carano, who came to prominence after being “canceled” from Disney’s series The Mandalorian.

My Son Hunter is sure to grab the attention of all Americans, whether they agree with the film’s take or not.

The controversy is on full display and has so far scored highly positive reactions from viewers in its effort to tell the rest of the Hunter Biden story.