Despite previous claims, Hunter Biden still not divested from Chinese private equity firm

In the final weeks of the 2020 presidential election season, then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced mounting speculation regarding his son’s financial ties — including reported connections to China’s communist party.

Despite the elder Biden’s subsequent inauguration and assurances that he would untangle potential conflicts of interest, new developments indicate that his son is still financially linked to China.

Divestment still not complete

Contradicting prior reports, the Daily Caller pointed to evidence that Hunter Biden still holds a stake in the Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners.

The younger Biden’s business ventures in China and Ukraine came under considerable scrutiny by some media sources, though mainstream press outlets largely ignored the bulk of the claims ahead of November’s election. Hunter Biden announced in October 2019 that he would step down from the board of BHR and eventually made good on his promise about five months later.

Reports last month showed that he was in the process of divesting his equity in the firm, which is co-owned by China’s state bank.

More than a week into his father’s administration, though, Chinese business records indicate that he still holds a 10% stake. As the sole beneficial owner of Skaneateles LLC, Hunter Biden has used the company to secure his stake in the foreign firm.

In 2019, Hunter Biden’s attorney released a statement asserting that he did not profit from his position and had acquired no equity in the company until his father left office at the conclusion of the Obama administration. The firm was established a short time after a controversial 2013 trip he took with his father, then the vice president, to Beijing.

A series of controversial connections

Emails that surfaced last year from a laptop said to have been discarded by Hunter Biden raised new questions and appeared to contradict his lawyer’s previous remarks.

In one December 2018 email from Hunter Biden’s then-business partner, Eric Schwerin, reportedly explained that he stood to profit “over the next couple of years” from his association with BHR.

Even Joe Biden was linked to his son’s financial ties through electronic communications that described a meeting with one of Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian business partners despite public assertions to the contrary.

The brewing scandal continued to cast a shadow over the Biden transition following November’s election, including the younger Biden’s acknowledgment in December that his taxes were being targeted in a federal investigation. Joe Biden pledged that his Department of Justice would deal with his son’s situation impartially.

In any case, Hunter Biden’s international entanglements seem to contradict his father’s promises on the matter. In December 2019, for example, Joe Biden insisted that his family would “not be engaged in any foreign business because of what’s happened in this administration.”

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42 Responses

    1. I guess he will be in it family and all, it with be interesting to see. let’s see how far it goes, like pelosi said no above the law. Think she may be one who has troubles too, on several things.

    2. YOU ARE SO RIGHT…. would not be the case if it were Trump and one of his sons.. I GET SO SICK OF THE DEMS.. JUST PLAIN EVIL..

      1. Seems the early Twenty-first Century has bred a new ideologically warped perspective within the Democrat party ideology. Their evil aspect rests in their promulgating an often horrific, willfully manipulative amorality by the top players. Yet, there is hope in the party’s future with the likes of Sens Manchin, Sinema and Rep Gabbard. Time will reveal how this all plays out.

  1. Personally, I could care less what Hunter Biden does or not do. I am, however, VERY interested in what his father Joe HAS done and IS doing NOW. I believe, based on witness testimony, the Joe HAS USED his position as Vice President to ACTIVELY solicit business opportunities and income from foreign sources coerced by intimidation and threats while RECEIVING a portion of the fraudulent monies himself. This is CONTRARY to U.S. Law.

    1. Hunter Biden is just as bad as Joe, cause Joe used his Vice President power to make a deal with china for Hunter. That’s the truth.

    2. We are losing ur country without a shot being fired, Thanks to the democrats and the corrupt main stream media. The “o so young journalists” better wake up quick, they are the real losers that are going to pay a serious price for the rest of their lives.

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    1. Starting with Joe (the big guy) , Clintons, Obamas, Holder, Pelousy, Durbin, Schumer, Nadler, etc, should ALL BE IN PRISON !!!

      1. Your right but sadly the Law does not apply to them. Laws are only for us common folks who would dare to JAYWALK or not pay the parking meter. Our whole legal system has never been so bad and under our current leaders, it will get alot worse.

      2. Along with with some of the republicans and career insiders and advisors , but, evil always protects its on! Hell will freeze over and thaw out before anything happens to these morally corrupt men and women!

    1. The same bureaucrats that promoted all the lies along with the corrupt MM are now slowly emerging from the swamp slime. Just look at the # of millionaires that have been generated from all the Democrat states and their hypocritical ways, and these people are our lawmakers, “Despicables”. They are all cut from the same cloth, well named for it’s swath of “lyin’and cheats”.
      When does this group start to clean itself and get with the program on what they espouse in front of the MM…….nothing changes. Welcome “Squad” members to the Democrat noveau riche` . How long will it take for these representatives to be just like their corrupt mentors. Guesses?

  3. Democrats have there own laws NOTHING WILL EVER BE DONE THE LAW ONLY APPLY TO Republicans Look Trump has bee impeached and look at all the things The Democrats done to him before and after the election and NOT A ONE HAS BEEN PUNISHED AT ALL AND LOOK AT WHST THEY DID TO GENERAL Flinn Tell me that fair THE DEMOCRATS ARE ALL LIERS AND CHEATERS

    1. I agree, I think it’s time for people to open their eyes. It was ok for Maxine Waters to threaten all trump supporters, it was ok for the Democratic Governors to keep people prisoners because they didn’t agree with them. They are all Lier’s and Criminals and should be charged with Constitutional Crimes of our Country

  4. We have a President that is a liar and is now taking over our lives with his decisions in our lives with signing over all these executive orders . What has Biden done by making himself very wealthy with dealings with China. The entire Biden family have name a lot of money with deals with bad people.

  5. So, who is going to charge that family with collusion and get the impeachment started? Surely not our esteemed fbi or doj.!!! The corruption is unbelievable and it goes on everyday. Now another creepy biden shows up hawking a law firm under the biden mantra.

  6. I guess Joe Bidens boast about not giving the Millions of dollars to the Ukraine unless they fired the man who was investigating his son and his sons link to a illegal business is going to be completely ignored and swept under the rug.
    What a fraud he is.

  7. When in the world is the DOJ going to do anything about this? Most of congress is to afraid they will loose in the next election. Congress is working for itself and not the people who put them in power.

  8. Joe Biden has been selling out American Interests to Communist China for decades it happened when he was vice president for eight years under Obama. Now he’s in the White House and he still in bed with Communist China. Not many of us saw his quid pro quo when Joe was in Ukraine
    Joe should be in prison not president. Main stream media and the people in charge are hiding this from America just to get Joe in as president.

  9. Somewhere there is still alot of evidence that Moe oops! Joe started and still is involved in China business deals. I think he deserves nothing less than a rip him apart impeachment trial. He needs to be recognized for who he really is. We might as well do Pelosi too for trying to start a Civil War by labeling us as terrorists.


  11. I am blocked when I try to share on facebook, these articles that don’t show Biden in a positive light, or it should be headlines in all news formats.

  12. Don’t expect the Mainstream Media or Big Tech to be honest &/or fair. They are the ones who have lied to the American people for YEARS! Mostly because they are owned by elitist new world order villians! They are trying to destroy our Nation along with the rest of the world! You CAN NOT trust MSM! Be aware! The 1st horse of the Apocalypse has been loosed!

  13. The BIDENS? What a show? You think about all the corruption in this whole administration? The old gizzard sticks his fingers up one of his staff members dress? He runs off with his best friends girl? He hides in his basement because he can’t draw a crowd? He lied about having ties with China and Ukraine? Now he is make believing he won the Prsesidency? Little do they know? Something is about to happen. Let them think that they have it. We know the truth. God knows the truth. We just sit back, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show!

  14. Biden is a sorry excuse for a leader of this country. He can’t speak without stumbling nor can he repeat the message word for word. And he is in bed with China along with his son Hunter. Wake up America as things are about to get a lot worse.

  15. Get rid of Maxine waters. She diverted over a million dollars from campaign fundraising funds to her daughter in 2020. This is against the law. Her daughter performed secretarial tasks.

  16. The rich get richer, the corrupted get richer , the commies get richer, the democrats get richer, ,big tech gets richer , wall street gets richer, big business gets richer, CHINA GETS RICHER, the american people grow poorer

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