Hunter Biden ‘certain’ he will be exonerated after tax investigation

Hunter Biden is unashamed and unafraid.

In a defiant interview to promote a new memoir about his drug addiction, the son of President Joe Biden defended his controversial business dealings and said that he has nothing to worry about as the feds dig into his taxes, telling CBS that he is “cooperating completely,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“All I can do is cooperate and trust in the process,” Biden said.

Defiant Hunter pleads innocence

Hunter and his father have always said that there was nothing unseemly about Hunter’s dealings in countries where Biden had influence as vice president, namely Ukraine and China.

When Hunter revealed the tax probe, which is said to be looking into his foreign business, in December, he said that a “professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately.”

His father dismissed “vicious personal attacks” on his son and pledged to handle the matter impartially, although many have their doubts.

Hunter told CBS that he is “100% certain” the investigation will vindicate him, and was unapologetic about his business in Ukraine, saying it was not a “mistake” for him to sit on the board of the company Burisma Holdings. Instead, he suggested he was the victim of a smear campaign.

“I think I made a mistake in terms of underestimating the way in which it would be used against me,” he said, claiming that “not one investigative body, not one serious journalist, have ever accused, has ever come to the conclusion that I did anything wrong, or that my father did anything wrong.”

Hunter unapologetic

Hunter has apparently learned a thing or two from his father, who has routinely gone on the attack in response to scrutiny of his family and presidency. Despite Hunter’s framing of events, questions about his business deals that came to the fore on the eve of the presidential election remain unanswered.

CBS’s own report generously repeats the “Russian disinformation” canard that was used by Joe Biden and the media to dismiss damning emails publicized from an infamous laptop that Hunter left at a repair shop, revealing that his father was more involved in his son’s dealings than previously known.

Hunter told CBS that he doesn’t “remember” whether the laptop is actually his but that his computer might have been “stolen.”

The troubled political dynast also discussed a sexual relationship with his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, and his drug addiction, saying he has “probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone” while scouring for remnants of crack in the carpet. “I mean, I went one time for 13 days without sleeping, and smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively throughout that entire time,” he said.

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20 Responses

  1. It’s remarkable, the censorship power of mobile devices.

    If anyone cares to pop open firefox, set incognito and anti fingerprinting on, tick on adblock and privacy badger…

    Then search the labtop story…

    See what you’ve been missing with the censorship.

    This article is nonsensical, apparently written by a mobile device user (whom now occupy over half of all internet users, which means half of all internet users willingly partake in censored curated data review). Because if you simply researched this issue outside of controlled apps and mobile devices… The premise is illogical, the proof is obvious, caught red handed. And he’s got a foot fetish, gross.

    1. If he doesn’t get arrested or if it’s swept under the rug we all need to stand up and demand it be out in the open, can’t trust any of Biden or family. The media is already taking care of his dementia, they think we don’t know, imagine.

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  3. Congrats to our law system. A total joke. Hunter is a piece of trash like his father. Sure he will get off! DOJ and FBI are so corrupt it’s disgusting. Joe Biden should be impeach for all he has done to America and crimes he has committed. Getting money from our enemies. Letting China in our power grid. Jobs lost, borders open, diseased illegals with virus running in the streets. Much more. Some one better stand up and stop this traitor!

  4. I don’t think he will be charged with anything as
    “Big Guy Daddy” will get his little boy out of any
    trouble so he can go on smoking his dope and
    party. That whole family seems to be corrupt and
    think lying is the way to go.

    1. Hunter can only make such claims of innocence if he wasn’t secure in knowing that the totalitarian Democrat party has infiltrated the DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA and every agency that is supposed to protect our country some such traitorous filth. Traitor Joe who has openly defied and deviled our Constitution numerous times is still not being prosecuted so what chance is there for justice to catch up to Hunter? Hunter’s computer has enough proof of treasonous acts by both not to mention Traitor Joe’s complicent acts to cover up Hunter’s rape of his niece. There are good as well as evil people in every walk of life, a part of the human condition. The Buden’s just happen to be more evil than most!

  5. This is what happens when so called americans support a communist dictator and a proud supporter of Mexican drug cartels and human trafficking.

  6. I wonder,why media talk only about Bidens,if they commited crimes ,all of them should be in prison, regardless who is who,mostly government criminals never work for goodness of the country, own greed make them as prisons convicts,


  7. The fix is already in. His father won’t let anything come out. The Dems. have the FBI, The AG, The CIA, The IRS in their pocket. The only ones they will push hard is you and me average American people.

  8. DC has finally hit the bottom of the barrell. There is no law, including the supreme court. DC is totally lawless and being a dem there is nothing you can’t do. So hunter has no worries, he can be as corrupt a he wants and nothing absolutely nothing will be done…

  9. Well, we all need to pray that something happens. The SCOTUS can’t allow this to happen. They must get the Democrats out of their pockets and throw out the 2020 election as fraudulent, as it was, and reinaugurate Donald Trump and have the Democrats responsible for this accountable for their actions.

  10. I send my comment to Facebook, but I say it again here. The MSM are trying hard to help Hunter Biden. Now the next cover up is about his Coming box.
    With the Box they are trying to hide his crimes. We are not as stupid as the media and the DemoRats think we are.
    Why the wife of the Moscow governor sent Hunter 3.5 millions. Does any body cares about that?
    if any American Citizens received money that is more that 10K Immediately
    the bIRS will be on that person’s tale. But I haven’t herd anything about their
    loved Hunter?

  11. Yet again as the saying goes, THE APPLE DON`T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE>>!!! Hunter must pay for his treason..!! Jail time…

  12. Who the heck does this family think they are….they steal they lie they trust people like George Soros, Obama…and anyone else who can right a speech….or give Joey dirty money so Joey Biden can continue all his illegal and horrific acts….he has the have Soros put millions of dollars in so he can continue to ruin the country…It would be nice if we had any law abiding officers anywhere around in this group that would hold them accountable for trashing the USA

  13. I’ll bet you a Maga hat hunter still has his old/current crack dealer’s phone number …a crackhead is a crackhead is a crackhead. Come on man I’ll suck you for a rock come on man

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