Hunter Biden To Plead Not Guilty To Federal Gun Charges

 September 20, 2023

The son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, has reportedly made up his mind about how he's going to plead to federal gun charges:

Not guilty.

The news was confirmed by members of Hunter Biden's legal team.

Those same lawyers also requested that Hunter Biden be able to make his court appearance via video call.

"We write on behalf of our client, Robert Hunter Biden, in response to the Court’s Order issued on September 18, 2023, related to Mr. Biden’s initial appearance," Biden attorney Abbe Lowell said.

"We respectfully request that the Court hold Mr. Biden’s initial appearance in this matter by video conference."

And America respectfully requests that Hunter Biden stop selling out America and starts abiding by the same rules as the rest of us.

But that's not going to happen...

"Mr. Biden also will enter a plea of not guilty, and there is no reason why he cannot utter those two words by video conference," Lowell continued. "In short, Mr. Biden is satisfied that his constitutional rights will be met by conducting his initial appearance by video conference."

Lowell's argument for Hunter's plea date being a video call is the idea that Hunter's celebrity status would turn travelling to the court into a "two-day event."

"Numerous agents and vehicles are required for what would have to be a two-day event (for a proceeding that may be very short in duration)."

Hunter's crimes.

Perhaps the most easily proved portion of Hunter Biden's crimes would be Hunter telling a gun salesman that he was clean of drugs when he purchased a handgun in October of 2018.

Hunter Biden was absolutely NOT clean of drugs during October of 2018, unless he was lying when he published that he was in his memoir.

I wouldn't put that past him either, lying to seem cooler to other drug users.

The indictment asserts that Hunter knew "knowing that he was an unlawful user of and addicted to any stimulant, narcotic drug, and any other controlled substance … did knowingly possess a firearm, that is, a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver."

If that was any conservative American who did that, we all know where they'd be right now.

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Thomas Jefferson
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