Hunter Biden's art dealer refuses to divulge who purchased his art

February 19, 2023

Hunter Biden's art dealer is refusing to provide information to Congress about who might have bought artwork from him and whether those buyers were seeking access to his father.

Art dealer Georges Bergès, who reportedly sold 12 of Hunter Biden's paintings for $500,000 each to anonymous buyers is refusing to disclose any information about those buyers to the House Oversight Committee, which is investigating Biden's business dealings and their connections to China and his father, President Joe Biden.

The committee in January requested Bergès's testimony for February along with the disclosures, with Chairman James Comer (R-KY) tweeting that art transactions have commonly been used to launder money without arousing suspicions.

Bergès hires a lawyer

Instead of agreeing to testify, Bergès instead hired a lawyer, William Pittard of KaiserDillon, who said Bergès needed to protect the privacy of his clients and Joe and Hunter Biden.

“In light of these considerations, providing the documents and information requested in your letter seemingly would defeat the efforts of Mr. Biden and the White House to avoid the ‘serious ethical concerns’ that you raise,” Pittard told Comer. “Mr. Berges hopes that you and Mr. Biden can resolve that tension.”

The buyers were originally kept anonymous so that it wouldn't compromise Joe Biden in any way, but there have been suspicions that the buyers might be known by the president

Bergès has dealt extensively with China in his art sales, which only adds to the suspicion of Comer and the committee's Republicans.

"95% sure" artwork buyers were Chinese

Back in 2022, Comer told Breitbart that he was "95% sure" that Hunter Biden's art buyers were from China, which would compromise his father.

“We are 95% sure that that artwork went to China,” Comer said. “We don’t know where exactly that went to in China, but we’re going to try to find out when we get subpoena power.”

Now that Bergès has lawyered up, it will likely slow the discovery process down, but Bergès did couch his actions more as a delay than a final answer of "no" to the committee.

Hunter Biden's artwork is but one of a number of investigations into his conduct, however, so more may be revealed between now and then as the investigations continue.

Clock is ticking

With the Biden family obfuscating and the mainstream media covering for them, many Democrats don't yet know about the extent of the accusations against Hunter Biden, and by implication, his presidential father.

The clock is ticking, however, and if the committee can't come up with something substantial by the time primaries get rolling next year, it could be a lost cause.

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