Hunter Biden’s pricey artwork mocked as a ‘better racket than the Clinton Foundation’

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has suddenly taken up artistry as a new career. Some of his paintings will soon be auctioned off, ostensibly to anonymous purchasers, for exorbitant prices that could reach a staggering $500,000.

Fox News guest host Mark Steyn pointed out the obvious ethical concerns of potential influence-peddling by the Biden family and remarked that Hunter’s artwork sales were a “better racket than the Clinton Foundation.”

Steyn shreds Hunter’s artwork

Steyn, in his typically sarcastic manner, began the segment Thursday by rattling off the names of famous artists whose pieces had fetched prices near a half-million dollars at various auctions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for a mere $500,000, you can now buy a genuine — wait for it — a genuine Hunter Biden,” Steyn said. “If you are wondering what that is, its the remaining strip of Hunter Biden’s tye-dye shirt from his 7th birthday party in 1977 next to some Valvoline 10W-30 he huffed out of his rental car and blew through an art pipe.”

“Yes, usually you have to be dead to fetch half a million, but Hunter is not dead, he’s just sleeping it off. He has only been a professional painter since, oh, let me see now, right around about lunchtime on January the 20th,” he continued.

Steyn held nothing back

Steyn proceeded to cite art critic Martin Galindo, who had told the New York Post that one of Hunter’s paintings “looks like COVID.”

The Post article quoted other art critics and experts as saying Hunter’s work was “nice” and would fetch high prices at auctions, though they all seemingly also admitted that the value would likely be due more to his name and status rather than the actual artwork itself.

Steyn said: “Do you remember a couple of years back when impressionable Kazakh oligarchs and Saudi princes were mysteriously eager to pay the Clinton Foundation $2 million bucks for a speech by Chelsea on diarrhea in Africa? Well, Hunter’s half-million-dollar Coronascape is the Clinton Foundation diarrhea speech of contemporary art.”

Hunter outdoes the Clintons

Fox contributor Raymond Arroyo joined in on the mockery of Hunter Biden’s newfound and financially lucrative career as an artist and expressed skepticism that making the sales of the work anonymous would satisfy ethical concerns regarding influence-peddling.

Arroyo went on to call the whole situation “worrisome” and simply a continuation of Hunter’s “grift, without the frequent flier miles,” a reference to Biden’s dubious foreign business dealings.

Steyn agreed and added: “It’s actually a better racket than the Clinton Foundation,” since the potential influence-purchasing buyers would remain unknown to the general public.

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22 Responses

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  7. Well I and the other GOOD PATRIOT AMERICANS , can only hope this ,SCAM of the biden crime family, will take him down and out and behind bars long after his OLD daddy is long gone,.


  8. It doesn’t matter what his fakakta paintings look like (I’m part Jewish so you might get some yiddish words from me). A $half million sticker, don’t you think he politicized his hobby or whatever?

  9. The Whole BIDEN Crime Family and Beijing Joe O’biden need to be put away in the Nearest FEDERAL PRION. With ALL their CORRUPTION , HABITUAL LYING , FRAUD , BRIBERY and CONING..

  10. He is painting by numbers, so he keeps count, color 1 than 2 and so on then multiplies some figure to guess at a value.
    Good luck suckers!

  11. Loved the HEADLINE on my E-Mail: “This will take him down” !!!!!!!! LOL
    What a CROCK !!!!!!!!!! The O’Bidens are the “Protected” elites and WE ALL know it !!!!!!!!!!!! The ONLY thing that will take them down is the “Grim Reaper” and then we would have to deal with Knee-Pads Harris !!!!!!! Some BACKBONE in the Republican camp would help, but good luck with that !!!!!!!!!!

  12. All of you people on here bragging about what you made cannot hold a candle to a $500,000 painting by the renowned artist, Hunter. I hear people talking about how they can hardly wait for the next Hunter to be released. I have friends that have been in art for over 45 years that wish to train under Hunter because they have never sold anything even near ten percent of a piece by Hunter. Sure makes you wonder who the buyers are doesn’t it, and even more so why they want a Hunter so bad.

  13. What do his $500K pieces of art look like. This whole thing is crying out for a full investigation considering that the President of the United States is invariable involved and Hunter Biden’s past deals. The money needs to be followed to make sure that there is no hint of bribery or money laundering and that all appropriate taxes are paid. Maybe these “works of art” really comprise unlicensed and registered securities involving promised actions or considerations. Would any of these people paying $500k for the work of an amature artist like Biden also pay $500K for something I could gin up as an amature too but without any political connections? It is hard to believe that there might not be something sinister about all of this. An investigation to protect the President needs to be conducted.

    1. I wonder how much Hunter’s laptop is worth? I wonder if Wray still has it, or do you think he might have sold it?

  14. Some years ago they had a chimp that produced high priced paintings and created a stir in the art world. Even the chimp had more talent than Hunter the chump.

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