Report: Hunter Biden faced $450K lien for unpaid taxes in July

Hunter Biden, son of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, has a long history of allegedly shady behavior — but that doesn’t mean the latest allegations are any less stunning.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Hunter Biden faced in July a roughly $450,000 tax lien for two years of unpaid state income taxes.

The Free Beacon noted that despite Hunter Biden’s insistence in a recent paternity suit that he is broke and has no income, the former vice president’s son paid the lien six days after it was filed by the District of Columbia.

“It drags on”

Citing public records obtained from the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue, the Free Beacon reported “[t]he younger Biden owed $238,562.76 in state income taxes from 2017 and $215,328.16 in state income taxes from 2018.” A lien in the amount of $453,890 was filed “against him on July 9,” according to the Free Beacon.

A spokesperson reportedly told the Free Beacon that the “tax issue had been resolved” on July 15, though the office declined to confirm whether the outstanding debt had been paid off in its entirety, or by whom.

According to a tax expert named Harvey Bezozi, who the Free Beacon said specializes in negotiating large tax-debt settlements, the rapid time frame of the lien being filed and resolved was far from typical; it usually takes months or even years for the average tax lien to be fully resolved, he contended.

“It drags on,” Bezozi reportedly told the Free Beacon. “Six days had to be some kind of expeditious kind of process for this.”

Not the first time

Of course, this isn’t the first time Hunter Biden has faced a lien for unpaid taxes. The Daily Caller reported in December 2019 that Hunter Biden had been subject to an IRS lien over an unpaid sum of $112,805 from 2015.

That was the same year that the then-VP’s son held well-compensated positions on the boards of energy firm Burisma in Ukraine and private equity firm BHR Partners in China.

It seems to all be part of a recurring pattern in Joe Biden’s family. According to the Free Beacon, the former vice president’s brother James has reportedly had at least five separate tax liens filed against him between 1995 and 2015, with the most recent being in the amount of $589,095.

Meanwhile, the White House hopeful’s other brother Frank has also been the subject of at least three tax liens over the years, while his sister Valerie and her husband have had at least five unpaid tax liens filed against them that date back to 1990, according to the Free Beacon.

The former vice president’s campaign declined to respond for comment to the Free Beacon over his family’s financial improprieties.

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