‘Here’s some hush money’: Fox News host accuses Pelosi of paying off parents to aid teachers unions

Even as House Democrats push forward with their plans to force a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill through Congress, many of the proposal’s provisions are attracting opposition.

As far as Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters is concerned, an allocation of $600 million toward paid family leave for federal workers with children unable to attend school is little more than “hush money” being paid by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“Running interference”

The Daily Caller reported that the cable news host discussed his skepticism of the spending measure during an on-air conversation during Thursday’s installment of The Five.

Co-host Juan Williams broached the topic, pointing out that such employees “would get 15 weeks of paid leave to stay home with their kids if they have to do remote learning” if the legislation is approved.

“Jesse, obviously, Republicans are still fighting but I’m wondering if making this bill unpopular is becoming a lost cause,” Williams added.

For his part, Watters called it a “slick” move by Nancy, declaring it “morally wrong” if politically shrewd.

“What she is doing is paying off the federal government employee parents to not complain about their children’s schools being closed, so she is running interference for the teachers unions,” he claimed.

“A thinly-veiled kickback”

Watters described the allocation as an answer to the widespread complaints of parents clamoring for local schools to reopen for in-person learning.

“She is saying hush, hush, here’s some hush money, we are going to pay an extra $5,600 a month — a month, Juan, cash — to be quiet and stop complaining and keep your kids home,” he added.

Of course, plenty of other aspects of the massive bill are being derided by Republicans as simply elements of a far-left wishlist.

In a memo released by the Republican Study Committee last week, various other provisions were subjected to GOP opposition.

Along with a proposal to make funding available to Planned Parenthood, the panel complained that the bill offers “$50 million in funding for EPA environmental justice grants, a thinly-veiled kickback to leftist environmental groups” as well as “funding to go to colleges that have partnerships with companies that are owned or controlled by communist China.”

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27 Responses

  1. Open the schools. Some are open and only close if their is a case and then reopen after
    The quarantine period. Let them live like the rest of us. Get real. Write a bill that helps the people Nancy Pelosi says they want to help.

    1. Nancy is paying her government employees 5600. Hundred dollars for staying home because of covid. Next I read she& schumer are going to cut ssc so they will have more money for the train, they are building in san Francisco, behind one of pelosis homes old people are screwed all for her want list.

  2. Leave it to Piglosi to pad any bills with her “ pet projects”, funding for the arts( not covid related) funding for other countries( not covid related) pay offs to her pals( not covid related)! And meager pittance to small businesses and the American people! She is a national disgrace! Impeach her!!!!!

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  4. Pelosi and her husband put one Million $ into Dominion systems in 2002, The only thing The democrat’s can actually FIX are elections everything else they destroy.

  5. Pelosi, the master at it getting Sid to the real people who need it. Read the bill and there you’ll find her pet pork paybacks. Give more stimulus to the people, who really need it, and far less pork you those who don’t.

  6. Every once in while, I actually think that Pelosi and the rest of the criminals back there can’t get any worse!!! OF course – then they DO!!! SO DISGUSTING!!

  7. OMG, INSANITY……………….Our world has gone insane and Pelosi, Schumner, Nadler, Waters and all the DEMORATS are all leading the pack to completely destroy our country and they are doing a damn good job. WE NEED TO REMOVE ALL OF THEM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND WE CAN’T GET THIS MESS STRAIGTENED OUT!

    1. YES ! And who STOPPED police backup for Jan 6th. Now the TAX PAYER has to fix the mess that could have been prevented !

  8. Pelosi should be impeached for all the damn wrong things she is doing to the people of this country. All the democrats are trying to do is screw up this country because all they want is all the power. In this country the ones who have the power and should have the power is stated, “WE THE PEOPLE” in our constitution. So the people of this country really needs to get rite of the democratic party once and for all.

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