Hypocrite: Video shows 2017 Pelosi totally contradicting 2021 Pelosi

In case you didn’t notice, Nancy Pelosi is challenging the results of a state-certified election. Apparently, it’s not “undermining democracy” if a Democrat does it.

Not only that, but Pelosi is on record as explicitly condemning just the sort of election revision that she’s engaging in.

Check out this video – it clearly shows Pelosi’s hypocrisy:

Chad Pergram writes for Fox News:

And you thought the 2020 elections were finally over.

The House of Representatives could be in for a case study in the execution of the most raw, Machiavellian power politics possible. Even on Capitol Hill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) swung the door wide open to possibly unseating a current Republican member and replacing her with a Democrat.

He goes on to explain: “it’s nearly unheard of to remove a member mid-stream….The irony isn’t lost on Republicans. They argue Democrats insist on following state election certifications when it comes to the Electoral College and the presidency. But with Miller-Meeks and Hart, Democrats may be willing to override local election officials when it benefits their side. But any conclusion to this dispute is far off. It likely won’t be settled for months. A decision on this seat comes down to one thing: the math. Democrats now hold a narrow 220-211 majority. The Senate is likely to confirm Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM) as Interior Secretary on Monday. The Democratic majority will shrink to 219-211. Democrats will only be able to lose three votes on their side and still prevail on a vote without assistance from the other side.”

Pelosi is a hypocrite, and the entire media should be ashamed that they’re letting her get away with it.
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25 Responses

    1. Alcoholism might explain it or a drug addiction are several possible explanations.

      Others are a desire for power and more wealth.

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  2. Nancy ‘PIGLOSI’ believes she can ‘walk on water’. Being in Michigan, I’d very much like to see her put in the middle of one of the Great Lakes, with NO floatation device, and see her TRY to walk to shore. She would make good fish food for the lake dwellers. That would finally be a useful end to her.

  3. The speaker of the house Pelosi is an idiot, she’s nuts. The pin she wears means something. It has 13 rod’s tied together to represent the 13 original colonies. On the top it has a globe, with American’s National bird, the Eagle 🦅. What an honor to wear this pin designed by our for fathers. Pelosi makes it a sword to get her own way anyway possible. Now it’s gotten WAY OUT OF HAD, IT HAS BEEN FOR 17 years for her. Now the FIGHT is……not between the Democrats and the Republicans. It’s a fight for America.

    1. Agreed! We are losing our country due to the people in power right now. Trump had problems and his personality isn’t liked by all but he was a good leader and he was doing good for America. He loves America and wants us American people to do well. America was starting to turn around and then we get Biden. The election was stolen, we all know this but hopefully we can survive 4 years and get Trump or a good President in to fight for American people again!

  4. The democrats bow to the ccp. Screw them all, and sent them to China to live in the middle of communism. They might learn something.

  5. Why did the for fathers come to an unknown country. Guess why? Sick of the one party government, sick of the monarchy, sick of never being able to do anything, sick of not being able to speak. THATS WHY. Our second President died in poverty after being away from his wife for five years. His wife died before he could get back from Europe. They were smart, had common sense, wrote the Declaration of Independence the bill of rights, the Constitution of America. Now ARE WE GOING TO LOSE IT. NOOOOOOOO. Damn the democrats, put them in jail.

  6. Donate to Judicial Watch and Project Veritas, these guys back President Trump and everyone in the government.
    They get the job done.

  7. If Piglosi overturns the Iowa election, and puts Hart in meek’s seat, Iowa should sue her for election interference! And—- everyone should demand that Biden and the ho be removed and Trump put back in office! Biden did NOT win! Meeks DID! And Piglosi should be removed from congress totally! She is the enemy in the house, unfit to be speaker or a member of congress!

  8. Good one, Ray Valentine! You’re so right about putting the evil queen of the democrats in one of the Great Lakes just to prove to her she isn’t GOD, JR.!!
    This women (though she claims she doesn’t want labels!) is totally deranged! Somebody should be merciful and get her into a straight jacket before she h
    hurts herself!! She has certainly hurt enough others!!! She should be thankful
    they don’t burn witches at the stake anymore!

  9. What else do you expect from the mental retard ??? She only says and does what benefits her but not true Americans !!! I can’t believe California is this stupid – or maybe I’m wrong !!!

  10. As usual these insane incompetent communist that are in power along with groups from other countries that hate America at their whim can make a decision for the entire country at a moments notice with a statement that I can do whatever I want. I want these people out of office, off the WH grounds and charge with overthrowing our election and country, People in office who are for America need to get the courts evolved and stand for our constitution- they have no right to draw a line through the constitution and dismantle it to satisfy their power hungry greed!!!!

  11. She is, without a doubt, one of the most evil people on this planet. She needs to be removed in any way!

  12. You can change behaviors, but you can’t change attitudes. We now know Political Decisions are made daily, even hourly, based on which way the wind blows, not on what’s right or wrong.
    It’s shamefully “us” versus “them”.
    United? States of America.

  13. She is so two faced she is just sickening! She is a waist of time needs to be removed for abuse of power if anyone had the guts to do it!

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