ICE arrests over 100 illegal alien convicted sex offenders

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) just put out a press release indicating that it has arrested 138 convicted illegal alien sex offenders. 

Per the agency:

Enforcement and Removal Operations [ERO] officers apprehended 138 unlawfully present noncitizens convicted of sex offenses, including those with an executable final order of removal, during a nationwide enforcement effort from Oct. 22 through Nov. 4.

Some details

This appears to have been part of a nationwide sting operation that was carried out by ICE. In its press release, the agency identifies some of the arrests that were made.

It will come as no surprise that a large number of the arrests were made in sanctuary cities, including 21 in Los Angeles, California, 15 in San Francisco, California, and five in Seattle, Washington.

This highlights one of the significant dangers of illegal immigration, namely, the fact that criminals are often among those who illegally cross into America.

More proof:

The above arrests were only of convicted illegal alien sex offenders. There, of course, are many other types of crimes.

In October, for example, ICE announced that, in a similar nationwide sting operation, it had arrested 175 illegal aliens with multiple drunk driving convictions. Some of the incidents even resulted in the death of Americans.

Again, many of these convicts were found in sanctuary cities across the U.S.

The surprising bit

It is that President Joe Biden and his administration are even allowing ICE to carry out these arrests, considering his soft approach to America’s immigration problem, which has resulted in record illegal immigration numbers.

The truth of the matter, though, is that the Biden administration has significantly reduced immigration enforcement. So, even though ICE is still making arrests, it is making far fewer arrests than previously, and, likely, far fewer arrests than need to be made.

Furthermore, arrests do not equal deportations. Following the arrest, the illegal alien must go through a whole process before deciding whether or not he or she will be deported.

The likelihood is that the Biden administration is simply allowing these arrests to be made to make it look as though it is addressing the southern border crisis when the truth is that this is far from reality.