Idaho mom recalls receiving ‘death threats’ after arrest for taking kids to closed playground

State and local governments quickly enacted strict lockdown orders in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in stay-at-home orders and business closures many Americans slammed as arbitrary.

As one example, an Idaho mother is now speaking out about her arrest earlier this year on suspicion of trespassing after she took her children to a public playground that had been closed by the city.

A ‘play date’ protest

Meridian resident Sara Brady recalled the “play date” protest that led to criminal charges as part of a recent interview with Breitbart.

Following their arrival at the park, law enforcement officers soon showed up, leading to an argument and Brady’s arrest. She said she was escorted away from the park in handcuffs and later charged with a crime.

Adding to her ordeal, Brady claimed, was the barrage of death threats and vicious comments from the public in the months since the incident.

According to the Meridian Press, the mother’s arrest was captured on video and a clip was widely shared on social media before it was ultimately deleted.

“Good citizens against good officers”

Brady took part in a protest with other local parents at the children’s playground area of the park in an effort to address what she believed to be unreasonable closures imposed by city leaders, she told Breitbart.

As the most vocal opponent on the scene, she essentially dared an officer to arrest her as she held out her arms behind her, according to reports. The cop obliged and Brady ended up in the back of a police cruiser.

In July, Brady pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of trespassing after failing to depart upon being ordered to do so by police, the Idaho Statesman explained.

Although the larger park remained open, the play area had been taped off as closed. Nevertheless, Brady asserted that her husband, a police officer with another department, said he would not have enforced the closure in the same manner that the cops in this case did.

Making matters worse, she said her family was subjected to “death threats” in the immediate aftermath of her arrest, opining that COVID-19 restrictions were being enforced “by design” in an effort to pit “good citizens against good officers.”

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