Illegal immigration breaks new record under Joe Biden

The Biden administration has consistently tried to downplay America’s migration crisis, with Vice President Kamala Harris insisting that last month “the border is secure.” However, the truth is becoming impossible to hide.

Newly released statistics show that fiscal year 2022 saw a record number of illegal migrants crossing the southern border. 

Border apprehensions are up by more than one third over last year’s record

According to Breitbart, a report from Customs and Border Protect show that 2,206,436 illegal border crossers were apprehended. This is 547,230 more apprehensions than the previous record set last year, representing a gain of 33%.

Those figures stand in sharp contrast with the 400,651 apprehensions logged in fiscal year 2020 under former President Donald Trump.

What’s more, Fox News reported on Saturday that fiscal year 2022 also saw a record number of migrants dying along the border, with a total of 856 fatalities. What’s more, another 25 deaths have been observed since the start of fiscal year 2023 which began on October 1.

Results like these have even led some members of the president’s own party to criticize his border record ahead of next month’s midterm elections.

Border state Democrats putting distance between themselves and Biden

They include Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, who recently disputed the vice president’s claim that the border has been brought under control.

“No, the border is not secure,” The Washington Times quoted Cuellar as saying during an interview this weekend with “Fox News Sunday.”

“When you had 1.7 million individuals last year, and now another 2.7 [million], that’s over 4.5 million individuals encountered at the border, plus if you add the getaways, that’s going to be over 5 million individuals in just two years,” he pointed out.

“No, the border is not secured, and we’ve got to make sure that we have repercussions there,” the Democratic lawmaker went on to insist.

“If we don’t have repercussions — we can be compassionate at the border, but you’ve got to enforce the law,” Cuellar added. “And if you don’t return people, then this is what you’re going to have.”

An NPR/Ipsos poll published in August found 53% of Americans think it is “completely true” or “somewhat true” there is “an invasion” along the southern border.