Illinois governor sends hundreds of National Guard troops to DC: Reports

The failure of Democratic leaders in Illinois to call in the National Guard to quell violence last summer during demonstrations against alleged police brutality led to upwards of $20 million in damage — but at long last, it looks like they’re finally sending them in.

According to Breitbart, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) is deploying 500 of the state’s National Guard troops to the nation’s capital amid what the Department of Homeland Security has called a “heightened threat environment across the United States.”

“The U.S. Department of Defense has asked Illinois to assist federal and local agencies in this continued effort, and Major General [Rich] Neely and I are ready to ensure that the state of Illinois continues its proud legacy of protecting our democracy,” Pritzker told a Chicago newspaper Friday, according to Breitbart.

Deployed “with honor”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Department of Homeland Security had said “some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition…could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence” in Washington.

Pritzker’s move in response comes as security on the U.S. Capitol grounds has been heightened in the wake of a deadly riot there on Jan. 6. The area around the White House has also been fortified, and National Guard troops have been in Washington since before President Joe Biden’s inauguration to keep the peace.

Three hundred Guardsmen from Illinois had previously been sent to the capital, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Now, it seems the troops will be there for quite some time. According to Breitbart, the newly deployed Guardsmen aren’t expected to return to Illinois until mid-March.

“Ultimately, we must root out the dark forces of racism, white supremacy, and disinformation that have created this moment, but until we do that, our extraordinary troops will deploy with honor,” Gov. Pritzker said Friday, according to Breitbart.

A “wrongheaded” move?

In addition to helping provide security in D.C., members of the Illinois National Guard have been helping distribute the coronavirus vaccine in the state. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Guard said Pritzker’s decision to send hundreds of troops to Washington “will not impact the Illinois National Guard’s ability to perform the vaccination distribution.”

“We are deploying these forces in support of civilian law enforcement based on threat-levels against the U.S. Capitol,” Maj. Gen. Neely, who serves as commander of the Illinois National Guard, said, according to the Tribune. “We have asked a lot of them in the last year and each time these men and women have answered the call and upheld their oath to defend and support the U.S. Constitution.”

But while it may be the right move, Pritzker’s deployment of the Guard to D.C. marks a stark contrast to his attitude in the summer of 2020; in its report, Breitbart called the governor out on his hypocrisy in light of his decision to withhold the Guard amid riots in Chicago.

In fact, Pritzker was one of the first officials to reject then-President Donald Trump’s offer to deploy the U.S. military to tamp down on the violence. The Democrat claimed that such a move was “wrongheaded” and that Trump would look like a “dictator” if he sent the troops in, according to reports. If only Pritzker could see himself now.

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56 Responses

  1. What a loaf of crap. No emergency no terrorist. No riots. Funny how commies let antifa and BLM murder rape riot burn loot but that okay but have to gun up false threats against jo and ho. We are being taken over by communist China and are being turned into a dictatorship

    1. This is crazy!!! Nothing happened during the inauguration and that’s what the troops were there for right? So why would they continue to increase troops unless they’re planning something bad that will cause the American people to revolt!!! After Bidens 1st week in office, I think it’s safe to say him and this administration are looking for control in a communist fashion. If they aren’t stopped, we’ll all be speaking Chinese!!!

    2. Maybe they plan on arresting Trump for something he didn’t do or said and is afraid the people will revolt?? Just saying, why do they need the National Guards now?

    3. Absolutely on track. Let’s look back at the last four years. President Trump didn’t need hundreds national guardsmen to protect him while in office.
      The left has promoted all this tyranny and drama. Cities burning at the hands of rioters in all democratic run states and nothing done to stop it. In fact the opposite was mentioned many times, “these are peaceful protests” spoken by democrats all the way up to Joe “China” Biden himself.
      The American citizens deserve better. End this BS and do what the PEOPLE of AMERICA have asked you to do.

  2. The Capitol is receiving threats?????? Well, Let’s see: The republicans (and a lot of dimocraps) KNOW that the election(s) were fraudulent. The Dimms want their $2,000 checks. And the “little people” that voted for those idiots have waken up and realized that they have been lied to. WOW…. The Dimms are in trouble……

    1. The Dems just love putting on a show. GEE, how many people were shot in Chicago this weekend and every weekend? That doesn’t matter to that snake Lightbutt or the Governor I guess. To them it’s just a normal thing.

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  4. The democratic party’s TRUE COLORS are starting to show and moderates and (probably) some liberals don’t like what they are seeing. Add in the True Republicans & Conservatives and this is what you get!!!!

    1. I don’t know and maybe I am just thinking out of the box but I have a feeling that the DemoRats are up to something that will blow this country apart with violence and they are protecting themselves from harm and the hell with the rest of us. Who knows why all the troops are in D.C but something is definitely going to happen soon. Mark my words, SOMETHING!!!

      1. Michael, I said the same thing. The only reason all of these troops are needed is if they’re planning on doing something that will send the American Citizens into a fight mode. They removed my comment so I’m guessing I was right on the money with my thoughts. If they need that much protection, I’m thinking it’s gonna be bad.

        1. My handle is disgusted and has been for years. No one else has used it until now. Find another handle or else.

  5. Why not send the troops where are really needed!!! Instead of make believe violence against you know who? Hopefully they won’t censor this?

  6. Perhaps he should send them to Chicago and clean up his mess at home……one of the top 20 American killing cities in America first!!!! What a boat load of BS!!!!!

  7. The demonrats are fearful of their lives, because of the shady, unlawful things they do, that’s their whole reason they want to disarm the entire population.
    My thinking is our great national guard should keep them where they are,& have them all tried for treason. They either orchestrated the theft of our election,or were absolutely complicent in it!

    1. Tim if all the armed American citizens revolted the government don’t have enough troops to quell what would transpire. After all there are over 10,000,000 gun owners in America and i’m sure that no tyranny is going to happen without us putting a stop to their attempt at taking over. Also i’m sure that out of all the American gun owners there won’t be one to give up their guns if biden or hairface calls for disarmament. I know I won’t give up my guns. I don’t know if you’re a gun owner or not but if you don’t own any guns I suggest that you and anyone else that don’t have guns go out and buy guns and ammo before it’s too late. I also suggest that you tell all your family to arm up. Remember reading about what happened to all the jews back yrs ago. Well that could very well happen here. First they disarmed the population and then they exterminated them. Millions of them, men, women and children. And if you’re a reader biden just signed for abortions to resume thus killing millions of babies so don’t for one minute think that they won’t do something like what happened years ago to the jews. ARM UP FOR YOUR SAFETY.

  8. looking like a third world banana republic with our congress and president surrounded by troops all the time. Funny, DJT never had troops deployed like this and we were told that he was an existential threat! Wow – how times changed.

  9. Are these threats actually verifiable or something from the Pelosi/Waters/Schumer , demorats ad nauseum playbook. Or, in their minds they see snakes, lots of b-i-g snakes under their desks and crawling up their legs. What they are proving is they are fearful of the backlash on the dirty deeds they have inflicted on the country, and they, only they, can be protected. BTW people, if you are fearful it would help if your colleagues didn’t suggest that ALL Republicans/conservatives be shot……oh, I forgot, this is how we unify the country. S%#t for brains!

    1. You got it Nancy. The fence and the Soldiers are there to protect them from what they perceive they should justifiably get for their Crimes. I look to see the day when it’s there to keep them in until their trial dates.

  10. I wonder what the dems are so afraid of. When you do something wrong they need people to protect them and a fence. But we don’t need a border fence. Go figure.

  11. If this violence does happen it can all be at the fault of media and the liberal Democrats. But it will be blamed on all conservatives.

  12. Illinois can spare those Troops for at least two reasons.
    1. Nothing seriously going on in Chicago, all lies, right Mayor?
    2. Obama vetted each and every one of them as the current Administration does not trust Red State participants.
    Maybe they are there to do Bagel runs?

  13. The Government did not protect the integrity of our election. They did nothing to verify that fraud didn’t occur. They did not check to see if there were fake ballots cast. They did not do a forensic investigation into the Dominon Voting machines. They did not check to verify the thousand sworn affidavits. They turned a blind eye to our election and the integrity of our most important part of our Democracy. Their failure is what brought all those citizens to the Capital to seek the truth. As Biden said, ” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American Politics.”

    1. Agree 100%_. It was outright fraud and Dems should stop screwing with elections, period. They can’t be trusted and are cooperating s communist China. They are traitors and should be tried for treason and sent to Guantanamo

  14. The Constitution says people are treated fairly. We the People. Not I think I will do this or that. No, I can do this even if it hurts somebody. Do not worry, the Alaska Pipeline workers can find a job cleaning Biden’s crap up for free. Unfortunately, there is so much crap that it might take until March. Send in more troops. Hurry. Oh, you can sleep in the parking garage. Do not worry, there is one latrine for 40,000 people. Thanks for supporting me.

  15. I grew up believing that the capital bldings were the PEOPLES BUILDINGS. I think building a fence a round the capitals is a good idea, put all the crazy politions in side lock the gate ,turn off the electritciy , feed them MRE or C rations , cut off all communications . Let the states run there own government.
    sorry about my spelling

  16. I do believe that Democrats are getting worried over Bidens executive orders . In Bidens own words he is a dictator . He is destroying America. But remember the Guards took a Oath also, to uphold the constitution . So who will they protect Biden who is destroying the Constitution and does not care or are the troops going to side with the American people who support the Constitution. The writing is on the wall .

  17. WE now see how corrupt our government has become ,I am sick and tired of what these communists are doing to this nation ,I served 40 years ago and I would never go to DC to protect the peoples house ,it is totally uncalled for to have this # of troops there

  18. You are so full of crap to even mention that we have any situation that would describe Americans as revolutionists, where have you been for the past year where thousands of businesses and people killed from the likes of Antofagasta and BLM. You hypocrites are the main reason people are fighting back. Report it like it truly is and how it really happens. There is no need for armed troops to be in Washington DC unless they have something to hide or the election was truly stolen.

  19. The left is playing this up as a white supremacist problem. This is what being friends with Antifa is like. After the left supported then in Portland and Seattle, they are now seeing they never supported any party and are true terrorist. Biden you listened to the wrong people look at what you got on your hands now. The right will stay home and watch the blood shed.

  20. They are creating a fake crisis as a prelude to martial law and / or completely disarming the country… bank on it.

  21. How stupid! What about Portland and other Antifa hot spots? Thee Ed sanger is yhat the idiot Biden isn’t doing what they want. He lied to Antifa to get votes then turned on them- they are the problem, not Trump people. Hope t try jog destroy Dc and take the swamp people with it.

  22. Deadly riot January 06,2021
    Open your eyes 👀
    Deadly riots were all year 2020 and the left
    Democrats cheated and watched saying nothing
    What about those people that died
    The blame goes on everyone of those Democrats
    should be paying for with there checks

  23. We have real CRAZY people running & ruining our country!! They are the CRAZIEST, EVIL, VILE, HYPOCRIES I have ever seen, we need to fire them all & start over!

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