'Illusion of access': Democrats play word games with Devon Archer's damning testimony

 August 2, 2023

The disingenuous spin from Democrats is reaching a new low after Hunter Biden's old pal, Devon Archer, PROVED that Joe Biden was directly involved in his son's influence peddling scheme.

No longer able to dismiss the scandal as a mere rumor or "conspiracy theory," Democrats are finally admitting that Hunter Biden sold access to his father - but they say it was all an "illusion." Whatever that means.

Democrats spin Biden evidence

Archer confirmed that Joe Biden was the "brand" his son was selling overseas, and that to prove his access, he had his father call in to business meetings - over 20 times.

Top Biden sycophant Dan Goldman (D-Ny.) says Hunter had "actual experience" to provide and that perceived access to his father was an "illusion."

But how many people can summon the vice president at the drop of a hat? That's a pretty persuasive "illusion," no?

This "illusion" was so powerful, it convinced Hunter's Ukrainian business partners that they could get a prosecutor fired by tapping their Biden connections.

Hunter's partners at Burisma Holdings "called D.C." about Viktor Shokin, the investigator who was giving them headaches, Archer said.


That prosecutor, infamously, was fired after Biden threatened to withhold foreign aid from Ukraine - something he would never countenance doing today, of course.

Then, Biden bragged about Shokin's firing - publicly. That's some illusion.   

Burisma's executives believed - justifiably, it seems - that "people would be intimidated" by their Biden connections, Republican Andy Biggs (Az.) said, describing Archer's testimony.

Archer also confirmed that Joe Biden was at a dinner in Washington D.C. with a Burisma executive in 2014. Presumably, that was part of the illusion too. Did Biden send a body double, or something?

The only illusion here is the one being fabricated by Democrats.

"Talking about the weather"

The "illusion of access" talking point is getting lots of play in the mainstream media, of course, but the phrasing actually comes from Goldman - who, it should be clear, has no credibility.

Democrats are playing word games, here. Hunter Biden wasn't pocketing millions of dollars to give his business associates the privilege of talking to his powerful father about the weather. Let's get real.

Biden has said for years that he had no involvement in his son's business, and that's now been proven false. Democrats are understandably desperate to change the subject, but they can't change the truth.

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