Impeachment likely for Biden if Democrats lose Congress

President Joe Biden is likely to be impeached after the midterm elections if Republicans retake majorities, according to Newsweek.

Several Republicans have made comments in recent months about impeaching Biden that led writer Darragh Roche to predict that action.

In January, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said there were “multiple grounds” to impeach Biden.

“Probably the most compelling is the utter lawlessness of President Biden’s refusal to enforce the border. His decision to just defy federal immigration laws and allow 2 million people to come here unimpeded in direct contravention of his obligation under Article 2 of the Constitution to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” he said, adding that “there may be others.”

Hearings being prepared

A few months later in April, Republican Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) said that the House Judiciary Committee would “hold the hearings to determine whether impeachment is appropriate. We’ll vote on impeachment. And then it will be presented to the full House.”

A University of Massachusetts Amherst poll showed that 68% of Republicans want Biden to be impeached, and 53% believe that the House will impeach him if the House were GOP-led.

It is unlikely that Republicans will have enough seats in the Senate to actually remove Biden, and it is also unlikely that Democrats will vote to remove him.

But as Cruz said, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Democrats impeached former President Donald Trump on shaky grounds twice, and now it may be payback time.

A political price?

Republicans only need to retake the majority in the House to be able to impeach Biden, which seems like almost a certainty at this point.

If the GOP decides to go ahead with impeachment, though, they could pay a political price if the public doesn’t think the impeachment is justified.

“If they don’t capture the Senate, then any impeachment becomes pretty pointless beyond point-scoring and embarrassing the administration,” University of London professor Robert Singh said.

“The second aspect is how far Trump Republicans can prevail against ‘establishment’ types,” Singh went on. “I suspect that while the latter won’t object to committees investigating the various aspects of Biden – from Hunter and Ukraine to more policy related issues – Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy would probably not want to endanger the party’s prospects in 2024.”

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