Student athlete says push for ‘inclusion’ in sports will leave women watching ‘from the sidelines’

All across America, citizens are getting fed up with the left’s radical, reality-denying agenda on transgenderism. This anger has perhaps been stronger nowhere than in the issue of biological men competing in women’s sports.

Now, female NCAA athlete Linnea Saltz is rising up and speaking out against supposedly “inclusive” transgender ideology and how she says it will lead to the destruction of women’s sports, as Breitbart reports.

Watching “from the sidelines”

In a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend, Saltz said that forcing women to compete with biological men will lead to women “watching their own sports from the sidelines.”

Video shared by Breitbart shows her recounting her personal experience of competing against transgender individuals, and how disheartening it is to train to be at the top of her game, knowing that she can be outclassed by someone of the opposite sex with a biological advantage.

“I work full time now,” she said. “And I’m spending the amount of time that a typical person would at work, but I’m also doing the same thing just because I want to be as good as I can at my sport.”

Saltz defended the obvious truth, saying what the left calls “inclusion” with respect to transgender people is unfair and exclusionary to women like herself.

“We can’t just have…we use this like trigger word is inclusion, but people don’t realize that by being inclusive in that sense, it is exclusionary to people like myself,” she said, to applause.

How far gone are we?

Take a step back for a moment and consider how outrageous and absurd it is that a position so obvious as this one needs to be defended, let alone stated. How far gone are we?

Those advocating reality should not have to apologize for doing so. They should not have to feel, like this student athlete, like they have some special burden to prove that they aren’t “bigots,” when all they’re doing is making a mild — and factual — criticism of an ideology that is patently insane.

But the left is leading an attack on logic, biology, and fairness that is only growing in ferocity. This effort has the full-throated support of President Joe Biden, whose Equality Act just passed the House, as Breitbart notes. The bill, if signed into law, would enshrine “inclusion” for transgender individuals under the Civil Rights Act.

It was only last week that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went viral for questioning Rachel Levine, one of Biden’s nominees for the Department of Health and Human Services, for supporting sex changes for children. But it was Paul, of course, who garnered outrage from the media.

Republicans have got to rise up and put this insanity to rest before it warps our society. The lunatics are running the asylum.

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15 Responses

  1. I’m against men competing in woman’s sports, wouldn’t be fair. Nope to bad you weren’t a woman to begin with, sorry you don’t have my vote to compete.

  2. I would think the Democrats are stewing in their own juice, spit, vomit, or whatever they are not able to handle now. What a screwed up election and we all know it was not an honest election. At my husband and my age…we can’t do much to help President Trump other than voice it on Facebook and Mail. I worry about my family with their own children and my great grandchildren. I can only hope and pray things get better and soon.

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  4. President Trump warned all you suburban women this was going to happen. You all still voted for Biden. Elections have real consequences. I understand you somehow did not like the way President Trump stood up to the Democrats. Do you miss President Trump now.

      Those Mothers that have Daughters, in sports, are now finding out they made the biggest mistake voting for SLIME BALL, TOUCHIE FEELIE, DEMENTIA JOE.
      There Daughters now have to share the bathroom, shower and changing area with BIOLOGICAL MAN….I HOPE THESE MOTHERS, WILL STAND UP AND FIGHT TO PROTECT WOMENS SPORTS.

  5. The only thing the Democrat’s can FIX is elections everything else they destroy with Pelosi as the puppeteer.

  6. Women’s teams will show up to protest the fake dude running gainst women…alone.
    Maybe just give the fraud his fake trophy and go home?
    Woke wins?

  7. This is the latest most ridiculous and unethical bill to be pushed forward
    by Biden’s administration. Enough is enough of this nonsense regarding
    transgender boys permitted to compete with girls in sports. It just is not acceptable. Keep boys with boys and girls with girls…so simple!!
    Every woman’s sports organization should speak out and protest against
    this bill under the guise of “equality”.

  8. Enough is enough! transgender, blm, antifa and what other outrageous issues
    the dems can cook up need to be stopped now and I mean now. We as Americans need to do get our act together and get rid of the a-holes in office
    and start a new regime with people that know how to run a country and not be
    in it just for the money. As a matter of act, any one in government is a public
    servant, so they should not even get paid. Everyone wants to talk about equality
    well that is one problem that can be solved by not paying anyone that holds a public government office. Remember our tax money pays their salaries so we
    should be able to tell them “You Are Fired” when they act like the dems are
    acting now.

  9. This is ludicrous! Our girls are bieng relegated to the sidelines, while “ wanna be” trannys take over their sports! This is an outrage, and should NOT be tolerated! If they want to compete, let them have their own teams, and compete against each other, NOT on our girl’s teams! Where is the common sense? Guess the demonrats have none!

  10. Any man or boy that thinks he is a girl! Is considered one thing to me. Plus, they can’t compete with real men. So, they have to try and compete with girls.the funny part is! I know some girls that can put these boys to shame. ” pu#####”.

  11. Cancel cancel culture and all those that support it. Send them to re-education camps. If they cannot handle them. Most cannot. Then they should actually work at the border they claim has no problem by cleaning the urinals and garbage.

  12. Women compete against women in women’s sports. Men likewise compete against men. Like against like, Why can there not be a transgender category. Trans women against trans women and trans men against trans men. Fair and equal across the board without unfairness to anyone?

  13. Can’t condone any thing violent , but every decision Boden has made does nothing but ruin lives and create discourse an d animosity . Sounds like a lot of of locker room slip and falls are going to happen . a new bar of soap in a sock is one hell of a force multiplier. A set of prison shower nun-chucks , may bring equality perhaps ,those poor boys caught in back of the local piggly-wiggly by some girls daddy ,and brothers might feel equality should be delivered in a more personal manner, hard to win at any sport when your knees are stomped inside out . Equity aside.

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