‘Inconsistent’: Right-wing figures increase calls for Fauci to be fired

Despite his prominent position as the top White House coronavirus adviser under both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, it remains clear that not all Americans are fans of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The infectious disease expert has become increasingly unpopular among many conservatives in the wake of recent remarks about the pandemic, prompting some right-wing figures to call for him to be fired or resign.

“The Biden administration should remove him”

Even Meghan McCain, the ostensibly conservative voice on ABC’s The View, has apparently had enough of Fauci, as she revealed during a recent segment of the talk show.

“I’m over Dr. Fauci,” said the daughter of the late U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), going on to call the White House adviser’s strategy “inconsistent.”

According to McCain, the nation would benefit from having “more people giving more opinions,” asserting her belief that “the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places that are doing this successfully.”

Her remarks came after a CNN interview during which Fauci avoided directly answering a question regarding whether it would be safe for elderly Americans who had been vaccinated to visit with their grandchildren.

Clinical trials show the leading vaccines are highly effective at reducing a recipient’s chances of contracting or spreading the virus.

“Downtalking the efficacy of vaccines”

Furthermore, Israeli reports indicate that the chances of someone becoming seriously ill upon becoming infected after getting a vaccine is very near zero.

Nevertheless, Fauci apparently believes that COVID-19 warrants practices that would never be advised for other conditions or diseases with such negligible risk.

McCain is not alone in her call for Fauci to be replaced. In a pithy tweet from conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, he advised: “Fauci should be fired.”

In subsequent posts, he accused Fauci of “downtalking the efficacy of vaccines” and parroting the rhetoric of teachers’ unions regarding in-person education.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh took an even blunter approach, tweeting: “Fauci is the perfect government employee. Completely ineffectual, failure after failure, has presided over a disaster, can’t even keep his own excuses straight, yet still has his job.”

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25 Responses

  1. Different day different narrative-
    Overpaid & not very knowledgeable-
    Time for someone new who doesn’t spin stories to be relevant!!!

  2. My opinion of St. Fauci has shifted. Besides his inconsistencies in his public pronouncements, his opinions stem from a man who no doubt receives a good income not dependent in any way on performance by the economy or any part of it. COVID-19 will stay with us for the future. We have to adapt to it, not simply hunker down in a pre-natal position.

    1. I so agree! He needs to be gone. Our bodies have antibodies after having COVID but still want vaccines. No thank you. Our bodies do things much better then vaccines can do. How much are the padding his pocket!!

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  4. I agree that Fauci should be fired! He has his investment in some of the companies and he wants to profit from being sure the vaccine gets out to everyone. Like Brit Hume said Fauci should only have one opinion on the science of viruses not the economy or on shut downs or child physiology or other sciences

  5. I never from beginning trusted or count on dr Fauci remarks,for him play politics and control economy is more important than whole country americans and our economy,such old joke should be out from any public opinions,this country have more bright scientists from Fauci,old man is not up to date with any health problems

  6. Fauci likes the limelight, thus he changes his rhetoric weekly if not daily. He has no idea what to do and I think our country should listen to a few of the governors that have let their people get vaccinated if they want, let the kids go to school, and just plain keeping away from folks who are sick. It is called COMMON SENSE which is something it seems our government has lost sight of.

  7. I have my doubts of him even being a Dr. or if it is just a title because he has been around so long the bureaucracy has forgotten he was hired as a janitor

  8. Drain the swamp for he’s part of it. Long over due folks!!! Include term limits for government officials: Congress, senate & Supreme Court & cut their pensions too to fund DC wall!!!

  9. Dr fauci was the one that sent the disease to China to be studied after Obama told him to stop doing anything with it because it was considered a chemical warfare weapon. Fauci sent it to Wuhan and sent lots of money for them to keep studying it. He used ferrets to inject into because their lungs are more like ours or something he said. That made me sick. No animals should be subjected to a chemical like that. You can go to duck duck go and read all he was involved with in it. He even tried to patent it but was told if it was natural he couldn’t, if chemical it was chemical warfare

    1. I had that feeling the first time I saw him. The old fossil is old enough to retire and he should while he still has a little integrity left. Please leave and take Joe with you.

  10. The comment for THE PERFECT GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE getting it wrong over and over but still getting a $450.000.00 salary, this is more than the president of the United States and for what?

  11. Last year, Fauci made $417,608 in salary. That’s the highest paid Dr. in the Federal Government and the highest paid of all four million Federal Employees, even the President. How many people think we got our moneys worth? Talk about government waste. I know how they could save $417,608.

  12. What part of no one has seen this virus before do you not understand. I agree that Days I had been wishy washy on thing but he doesn’t have a crystal ball either. Meghan you don’t either.

  13. Fauci is the highest paid “ government employee”! He also is in bed with Bill Gates, so he is double dipping on both sides, money he gets from the vaccines and government salary! Conflict of interest! Hell yes! Fire him!!!!

  14. This earth’s population has been dying of the flu and related illnesses forever and probably would add up to the current amount of deaths. I’m agreeing that Fauci is hiding the real truth what is really going on. QUESTION, why did this covid all of a sudden begin because President Trump was running for his re-election ????

  15. Fauci is nothing more than a shill for the Deep State. As for his position, he is to a a danger to society and useless as a human.

  16. As Trudi stated,”This earth’s population has been dying of the flu and related illnesses forever and probably would add up to the current amount of deaths.”
    Also, if the world population is so great as to be unsustainable, why do the US and other countries continue to force the import of third world people who are unvaccinated, spread many diseases, breed like rabbits and are a huge burden on our welfare systems?? WE need to tell our governments LOUD AND CLEAR it has to STOP!!

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