Report: First indictment in Durham probe suggests more crimes will be uncovered

Following many months of quiet investigation into the origins of the infamous Trump–Russia collusion probe, U.S. Attorney John Durham finally made a public move on Friday, filing a felony false statements indictment against ex-FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith.

Based upon the wording of Durham’s indictment against Clinesmith, however, it strongly appears that the former FBI lawyer may be the first of many who will soon be indicted for other crimes related to the FBI’s 2016-2017 investigation against candidate-turned-President Donald Trump, investigative journalist John Solomon reported for Just the News.

FBI lawyer charged

According to Solomon, the charge against Clinesmith is based on the allegation that he “willfully and knowingly” altered an email received from an “other government agency” — the CIA — to make it appear as though former Trump campaign associate Carter Page “was not a source” for the agency — when he actually was — as part of the June 2017 renewal application for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Page and the campaign.

The fact that Page had indeed been a source for the CIA significantly undermined the FBI’s (false) narrative that Page was a Russian asset, used as the pretextual basis for obtaining the initial FISA warrant in October 2016 and each subsequent renewal.

Therein lies a huge problem that reaches well above and beyond just Clinesmith, as Solomon noted that the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” team — the group investigating Trump and his associates starting in July 2016 — knew as early as August 2016, prior to the first FISA warrant being obtained, that Page had been a CIA source and was not a Russian asset.

Yet, that rather pertinent information was deliberately excluded from all of the FISA warrant applications in what is known as a “material omission,” or in plain English, a blatant lie effectuated by leaving out relevant exculpatory facts, as Solomon noted.

The Just The News reporter, among others, suspects that the withholding of this key bit of counterfactual information about Page — which, again, was known to the FBI prior to submitting the first application for a FISA warrant — means that others at the FBI and Justice Department were knowing participants in the purposeful deception of the FISA court, and thus could face similar charges of their own.

Far-reaching deception

Another potential bombshell in Durham’s indictment of Clinesmith was caught by the Washington Examiner‘s Jerry Dunleavy, who noted that the federal prosecutor explicitly stated that the Crossfire Hurricane investigation initially began as a probe into potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

That is a big deal because FARA investigations are criminal in nature and contradict the running narrative put forward by multiple FBI officials — including fired FBI Director James Comey — over the past few years that the investigation wasn’t of the criminal variety and had merely been an information-gathering “counterintelligence” probe.

This contradiction, in conjunction with the knowledge that Page was, in fact, a CIA asset, would seem to strongly imply that that numerous FBI and DOJ officials were involved in the deception of not just the FISA court but also Congress and the American people themselves, to say nothing of President Trump himself.

More to come?

To be sure, there will be countless former bureaucrats and officials-turned-analysts who will offer all sorts of rationalizations in the coming days in an attempt to defend the FBI’s deception and divert attention away from Durham’s continuing probe into the origins of the false Trump-Russia collusion claims that sandbagged the president’s administration for the past three years.

That said, the chances appear strong that Durham has more revelations that are waiting to be released and indictments to be issued against the criminal wrongdoers who targeted a presidential campaign and engaged in a shameful, costly cover-up.

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