Laura Ingraham: Targeting of Flynn was ‘insurance policy’ to protect Obama

Fox News host Laura Ingraham offered a theory Saturday about why former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden wanted former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn unmasked in early 2017.

Ingraham told Watters World host Jesse Watters she thought Flynn’s unmasking was part of a reaction to Trump’s election and came from fear that Obama-era scandals would be brought to light during his subsequent tenure in office.

“I think when you when you go back and you remember how absolutely flawed the Democrats were after [President] Trump won in November 2016. I mean, they had the fireworks ready for Hillary [Clinton]. They had chosen basically her entire Cabinet,” Ingraham told Watters. “And so they were just gobsmacked by what had happened.”

The shock and surprise quickly turned to worry that investigations and exposure of unlawful Deep State machinations would ensue, Ingraham theorized.

Ingraham explains unmasking

“They were obviously looking for the second installment of the insurance policy to try to do something to counter what they knew was coming, which was someone is going to drain the swamp… someone who is probably going to find out what they were up to the previous eight years, which was not a whole lot of good,” Ingraham said.

It remains unclear whether Obama and Biden themselves were behind the investigation of Flynn, which recently released documents suggest was initiated in order to entrap the former Army lieutenant general into committing a crime, even though the FBI had no basis for interviewing him in the first place.

Evidence that has come to light in recent days indicates, however, that Obama and Biden were at least aware of the interest in Flynn and that they briefed other administration officials about Flynn’s phone calls with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, which were ultimately used to convince Flynn to plead guilty to lying to FBI officials.

As reported by National Review, Biden’s name appeared on the list of Obama officials who sought the unmasking of Flynn, thought it is not known why he made such a request.

Deep State exposed

If the Flynn investigation — not to mention the Mueller probe — was an effort to cover up the existence and actions of the so-called Deep State, it was a failure. It took a little while, but Trump eventually exposed those who attempted a silent coup before they managed to take him down.

The Mueller investigation and the failed impeachment effort revealed just how many Obama-era officials were willing to actively undermine a sitting president, and the Trump administration has taken actions designed to drain the administrative swamp once and for all.

If the coronavirus pandemic had never emerged and served to derail Trump’s impressive string of economic and policy successes, his re-election would seemingly be all but guaranteed.

As things stand now, Trump may yet find himself in the unique position of having to rebuild the American economy for a second time should he prevail in November, but at this point, nothing can be taken for granted.

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