In new interview, Psaki says questions about Biden’s apparent inaction on the border are ‘maddening’

The attention that the southern border crisis has received is a “maddening” distraction from President Joe Biden’s agenda, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki complained Thursday.

In an interview with fellow Obama administration chum David Axelrod, Psaki once again dismissed the idea that a “crisis” is underway and mocked those who are distressed by the ongoing emergency, Breitbart reported.

Biden and the border

Speaking with Axelrod, Psaki called the surge an “important issue” but otherwise did not leave the impression that it is on Biden’s radar in any meaningful sense — not that he was doing a great job of that himself. The press secretary justified Biden’s failure to visit the border by claiming that Americans simply aren’t that concerned with immigration.

“What percentage of the public is focused on the border?” she asked, according to Breitbart. “A much smaller percentage than who’s focused on the pandemic and the economy. So that may be maddening, but, you know, that’s what we try to do.”

Axelrod sympathized with Psaki and suggested that the media is playing a cynical “game” by trying to get the White House to acknowledge the crisis.

Psaki heartily agreed and joked that the crisis is being fabricated by a salacious media. “White House in crisis,” the spokeswoman said, in a mocking tone.

She said she was “pushed and pushed and pushed” to call it a crisis, but she “didn’t want to feed into” the pressure.

Psaki’s spin

Later in her talk, Psaki stuck closely to the White House talking points, referring to the border crisis as a “challenge” and a recurring trend that is being driven by deeply entrenched “root causes” in Central America.

“Our calculation on that front is one, this is cyclical, we’ve seen surges at the border, every time it happens, it’s bad, until we do something to address it over the long term with root causes, immigration reform, it’s going to keep happening,” she said, according to Breitbart.

While critics say the crisis is self-inflicted, the White House has responded by simultaneously denying there is a crisis at all while blaming it on Donald Trump and the so-called “root causes” that Psaki mentioned, like poverty and climate change.

However, few Americans are buying this propaganda. Polls show a majority of voters blame President Biden for the current mess, which would explain the White House’s reluctance to confront it.

As Americans wonder why Biden still hasn’t been to the border, it might interest Psaki to know that many find his gaslighting on the crisis “maddening.” Not that she cares.

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36 Responses

  1. don’t worry about soon inflation will hit the usa and cost of living will triple and people will flee the usa and scrable back to there homes and be sold into slave rings

    1. Yes to that, Biden has a one track mind…..DESTROY!! Everything good about this country, let people, rapists, murders, out of prison to prey upon the American People. How would they even know the situation at the border exists as NO ONE HAS BEEN THERE!! Not once, Biden NOR Harris!! Not Interested in Terrorists, MS 13, rapist’s or Murderer’s coming into out country and never mind about the child trafficking, more for the DemonRats to choose from when they want them! Oh and don’t forget about the ability of children for their find on the never ending supply of the fountain of youth!! Their SICK PEOPLE!!

    2. That would work beautifully, but the truth of the matter is, the democrats would hand out stimulus money to the illegals already in from the crisis so far.

  2. this is everyones complete fault whom voted for this sick bastard to become president they have nobody to blame but there own ignorant selves??

    1. The “sick bastard” was not voted into office by American citizens. He was put into office by the cheating demonrats! President Trump won the election by a landslide and the world knows it!

      1. You are so right, and what is really maddening is Biden, Psaki, and that whole cheating, incompetent administration in D,C.!

    2. Very few voted for Biden LEGALLY. Most of his votes came from dead people, illegals, and people who cast multiple votes. Don’t forget the election was stolen!

      1. WE have a moron in the WH because we have a bunch of lazy justices that are either afraid of something or someone. The whole stench of DC is corrupt starting with the congress people, the senators, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and everyone that is collecting a paycheck from the federal government. The biggest problem is that they have all had their jobs far too long. It is time they went back to their respective states and allowed new blood to be injected into running the government. Unfortunately the 2020 election was not a true election. It was a fraud and the world knows it. It’s time they admit it because the idiot running things is effing everything up.

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  4. America is falling apart but the sheep keep beating up people over the stupid mask. Our justice system is deep state Gestapo now. Blm and antifa roam the streets destroying America. But our justice system goes after decent people who won’t bend down to communism and the democratic party. Joe Biden is still a racist and a unamerican unmoral fake president. Thank the fake news outlets and lazy uneducated American people who only care about give me free everything and the lies the news outlets throw at the sheep.

    1. Hey Hate Commies, I hold the Supreme Court responsible for allowing the election to be stolen. Soros, and his Cabal of thieves stole the election and John Robert’s sat on his hands because he didn’t have the courage to take the fraud accusations seriously. He was afraid American Cities would be burned to the ground after the were already were by BLM & AnTifa. What a disgrace.

  5. Everyone knows that Biden needs to replace Trumps border policies. Also they know that something like volcanoes are responsible for climate problems 1,000% more than mankind. ny other questions, contact the public or just email me!!

  6. We’ve been sinking deeper and deeper in a black hole since Biden’s fake inauguration. President Trump, we n
    desperately need you in 2024!

  7. Listen up miss circle round – the border issues ARE something administrator Bidan (sic) is supposed to address so the questions are relevant.

  8. Only prayer can save us from the evil that has taken a hold of our land. I have to admit that I don’t even pray enough for our land, but I must change, too.

    1. Wrong praying while sitting idle is not what our Heavenly Father calls upon us to do.
      ” Remember “” What good is a prayer if your neighbor is in need of food ,shelter ,water Christ Jesus said I do not know you when I was hungry, I did not know you when I was thristy ,I did not know you when I was cold ,I did not know you when I was ill, I did not know you when I was alone in prison. God calls us to action.

  9. Psaki’s spin is nothing more than lies. We KNOW what’s really going on and it isn’t about protecting real citizens here.

  10. You cant through the baby out with the bath water, but you can clean the water. Vote mid term. Congress needs to be back in GOP control.
    Vote only a republican into office in 2022.

  11. Dealing with this sick administration is like being locked in a room with a baby with a loaded gun!

  12. Imagine how alfalfa the press secretaries of President Trump felt by being hammered daily over the Russian collusion story . Wasn’t anything Trump did and it had no basis but for four yrs the press pushed the story like it was part of the Ten Commandments written in stone . What makes her any better ? Biden wanted this so damned bad and won’t do the rite thing .If she can’t handle the job quit .

  13. The only thing “maddening” to Jenny, the ninny, is the fact that WE “question” and critique all of Beijing joe’s idiotic actions.

  14. Why are you upset Psaki, tired of lying so much about the boarder & WE THE PEOPLE are not buying your crap anymore!! You can only lie so much before people turn on you!! If your getting tired about questions about the boarder then QUIT otherwise shut up & answer questions, that is what you get paid for!!!

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