US investigating whether coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab: report

A recently revealed investigation must have the Chinese government panicking.

According to a new report by Fox News, United States intelligence agencies are conducting a “full-scale investigation” into whether the coronavirus pandemic originated in a Wuhan virology lab. 

It’s finally happening!

Fox’s Bret Baier, Gillian Turner, and Adam Shaw came together to produce this report which is based on insider information. They wrote: “Intelligence operatives are said to be gathering information about the laboratory and the initial outbreak of the virus. Intelligence analysts are piecing together a timeline of what the government knew and ‘creating an accurate picture of what happened.'”

One of the most important questions in all of this is whether the coronavirus was engineered as a biological weapon. And, according to the Fox team, this question has been answered conclusively.

“U.S. officials and the intelligence community have confirmed to Fox News that they have taken the possibility of the coronavirus being man-made or engineered inside China as some sort of bioweapon off the table and have ruled it out at this point,” they wrote. “Sources point to the structure of the virus, in saying the genome mapping specifically shows it was not genetically altered.”

Rather, it is believed that, for one reason or another, the virus, which was being studied in the lab, got out and infected the surrounding population.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology denied the accusation on Saturday, calling it a “conspiracy theory.”

China covered it up

According to the report, another important matter has also been settled, which is that China covered things up from the start.

“U.S. officials are 100 percent confident China went to great lengths to cover up after the virus was out, the sources said,” Fox reports. “Additionally, the sources believe that the World Health Organization — which the president paused funding to this week over its role in the crisis — was either complicit in the coverup, or looked the other way.”

One of the report’s authors, Bret Baier, went into detail during a recent edition of “Hannity.”

“There are dots on the board and that is: How much they went to scrub all of the data, the fact that you can’t find some of these doctors, including Shi Zhengli, who was working on it,” Baier told Sean Hannity. “The fact that some of the samples were destroyed, the fact that just today, Sean, the Chinese government announced an increase in the death total in Wuhan by 50 percent.”

Once the investigation is complete, the authors report that President Donald Trump will then be briefed on the findings. The question then will be how to hold China accountable for a global pandemic that has claimed so many lives when, if China had been honest, the consequences could have been mitigated. That decision will soon be in the hands of the Trump administration, and, if past experience tells us anything, it is that Trump will not let China off the hook.

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