Iowa governor signs bill limiting early voting, ballot harvesting

Democrats are furious after Iowa’s governor signed a bill into law that establishes strict voting standards.

The law requires mail-in ballots to be received by Election Day, shortens the period for early voting, and combats ballot harvesting, among other rudimentary measures to uphold election integrity, the Washington Examiner reported.

The law shortens the window for early voting from 29 days to 20 days and requires polls to close at 8 p.m. not 9 p.m. on Election Day.

Concerning mail-in ballots, the law requires them to be received by Election Day to be counted, whereas previously they could be received the following Monday. To prevent ballot harvesting, the bill allows only voters or their immediate family, caregivers, or household members to return absentee ballots.

“Duty and responsibility”

“It’s our duty and responsibility to protect the integrity of every election,” Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said in a statement, according to the Des Moines Register.

She continued, “This legislation strengthens uniformity by providing Iowa’s election officials with consistent parameters for Election Day, absentee voting, database maintenance, as well as a clear appeals process for local county auditors.”

“All of these additional steps promote more transparency and accountability, giving Iowans even greater confidence to cast their ballot,” the statement said.

Dems rip “voter suppression”

While Republicans are typically concerned with voter fraud, Democrats are more concerned with so-called “voter suppression,” which could mean something as simple as requiring voters to prove their identity with voter ID.

Republicans are fighting in many states against attempts to further liberalize election rules after the 2020 election, which saw sweeping changes, often unilateral and on dubious legal grounds, resulting in a massive glut of mail-in ballots that sowed widespread doubt about election integrity.

Predictably, Iowa Democrats attacked the new law and its rather basic standards as an attempt to “silence” voters.

“This isn’t about improving our election process, it’s about continuing the Republican Party’s outrageous lies and attacks on the democratic process across the country,” Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn said.

But Republicans say this rhetoric is overblown. “It’s going to remain really easy to vote after this legislation is signed into law,” Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, R-Wilton, said, the Des Moines Register reported. “This bill protects Iowans’ right to vote and it adds certainty and security to it. This bill does not suppress one single vote.”

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27 Responses

  1. She is doing something about crooked cheating Democrats not just talking like other Governors! Sure be nice to see the leftist election stealing swing states to step up.


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  3. Of course the cheaters would be angry. The real question is why aren’t they in jail along with the many on our federal government who ignore it.

  4. Good for you Gov. Kim .we the people hope you have set an example For the way forward for other Governers to step up and follow. Thank you

  5. It does suppress some voters. Illegals trying to vote!!! All citizens no matter what color, have a valid ID. That is all they need to vote legally! But we know how this affects liberals, it makes it much harder to cheat!

  6. Republicans have to keep fighting, or we’ll get many more election outcomes like the fake results of 2020. Thanks, Governor!

  7. Yes, it would be great if the Democratic governors would do such a thing. But that will never happen. They need to go first before that would ever happen and there is legitimate voting in the U.S. And what happens when there are more votes in a state of people who voted, like in PA. There were 200,000 more votes, of course for Biden, then people who voted in PA. And the SCOTUS refused to hear this case. We need to protect our country from such cheating.

  8. Florida went through the “hanging chad” period before emerging as a State that has its act together regarding absentee ballots and is now one of the solid voting States! Good for the Iowa Governor!! What is there to object too?? Honest elections??

  9. Seems like our conservative women leaders are really strong and are standing up against the want to be Commies. IE: Demondcraps.


  11. Good Job Governor, We need someone like you in CrazyCal. I would still like to know why the governess in the states that changed voting laws for 2020 are not being held accountable for changing those laws without taking it to the voters first which is in the state Constitution?

  12. GOD BLESS GOVENOR OF IOWA for having the courage to step forward in our determination to preserve voter integrity and stop the fraud we saw in the 2020 election. Now let’s see other Governors step forward with courage and do the same!!

  13. Bravo Iowa! How about the rest of the governors following suit? We need governors who stand up for fair elections! It is NOT racist or voter suppression to require a valid voter I.d.! More governors need to sign a law like that in their states!

  14. If that law had been put in place for our last election instead of all the fake ballots…you would not have this clown in the WH…letting thousands of people who do not belong here…Biden you invited trouble in and you need to make it right and immediately…. Biden is the biggest un-American I know….a president of a free country does not allow everyone in from other countries who you do not trust or know…..what a nightmare Joey Biden is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. “YOU” … YES “YOU” … Should Strongly Consider Running For Political Office In YOUR TOWN CITY OR STATE! …. If “YOU” Are a GOD Loving Constitutional Conservative! …. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS “YOU”! …. LOOK, The Pay Is MAGNIFICENT! …. The Benefits are AMAZING! …. Many Times I have went to VOTE? … And I See One Person Running For A Political Position? …. HEY, Call Your Republican Campaign Office In Your TOWN CITY AND STATE and see what they have Available! … We MUST WIN OUR COUNTRY BACK! … We Can Begin With “YOUR” HELP! …CALL THEM TODAY! ….YOU GOT MY VOTE!

  16. Thank you Governor Kim! As an Iowa expat I am proud of you! Now, Governor Ducey if Arizona, how about YOU doing this as well?

  17. The DemocRATs objections are ridiculous! Everyone in every state should have to show a photo ID for the RIGHT and privilege to vote! You need one to board an airplane, buy cigarettes and liquor (if you look young), or sign any kind of legal document. The DemocRATs want illegal aliens to vote – anyone who doesn’t want to be responsible for themselves – part of the “give me, give me, I want free stuff” population!

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