“This is not our problem’: GOP Iowa Gov. Reynolds rejects Biden request to take in migrant kids

The Biden administration’s immigration policies have been linked to a surge of migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, which has led to a logistical nightmare for many of the nation’s elected leaders.

While federal authorities are requesting that states shoulder much of that burden, at least one GOP governor made it clear that she is not interested.

“He needs to be responsible for this”

According to the Associated Press, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is rejecting a proposal that would require her state to take in a number of migrant children.

“This is not our problem,” she declared in a statement last week. “This is the president’s problem. He’s the one that has opened the border and he needs to be responsible for this and he needs to stop it.”

Another state official echoed that opposition to the Biden administration’s request.

According to Iowa Department of Human Services Director Kelly Garcia, her agency has “limited resources and administrative concerns” making it unfeasible to take in a large number of unaccompanied minors.

“We have an obligation to take care of our children first and absent the resources or a clear and comprehensive plan for federal support, we were unable to accommodate the request,” Garcia said.

“An incredibly saddening and difficult situation”

She went on to acknowledge, however, that “this is an incredibly saddening and difficult situation” for everyone involved.

Biden made it a priority of his administration to roll back many of the strict border policies of his immigration, leading to widespread criticism and blame for the current crisis on the southern border.

As he noted in 2019 during a Democratic presidential primary debate, the then-candidate said: “We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.'”

Since his inauguration, Biden has suspended construction on a border wall and ended the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required asylum seekers to wait south of the border until their claims were processed.

The president also tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with overseeing aspects of the migrant surge, but she has thus far refused to personally visit the border to survey the situation for herself.

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24 Responses

  1. Good for Governor Reynolds! This migrant situation is ALL biden’s doing! HE is solely responsible, he needs to take care of the situation instead of expecting the states to do it for him! Every state should refuse to take them. They are NOT our responsibility! We have our own people to worry about, our people should come first! The border states need to close the border, send them all back to their own country, and file suit against Biden for creating this fiasco! He has endangered our country and our people!

    1. Great courage and common sense, Thank You Governor Reynolds!!! Other governors should follow suit!!! States have power! Be bold enough and patriotic enough to help the tax paying citizens in your state!!!!!

      1. Bus some to President Stolens’ home. And then bus the rest back to Mexico. A lot cheaper than keeping them here.🇺🇸

    2. The Gov. is right. Let Biden and company clean up the mess they made. No one else should be responsible for clean up duty.

  2. I’m very happy this woman will not except these illegals, they are Joe’s problem and Not America’s problem. Send them back where they belong. Joe should be helping Americans first and foremost, we have veterans living in the streets who fought for joe to live in this country. What about them joe? You and the rest of your democrats don’t like Americans and it’s really showing today. That feline you picked for your puppet is also worthless and the black people have no use for her either. The only people who will vote for democrats this next election are people who can’t see what the democrats have been doing and it’s not for America. Joe has dementia and people that voted for this crook have got to be on welfare or people who want hand outs.

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  4. Why don’t you send them to their parents, if not send them to Biden and Kamala they should be the welcoming committee. I feel for the people, they were just listening to a mentally ill man.

    1. I really like the second choice the best. Use the Air National Guard Large transport Aircraft, load them up and fly them to D.C. off load and return to TX.
      after refuel. I am sure that the Democratic Mayor will be overjoyed to provide transport to the W.H.
      Oh, I almost forgot, Bill the President for the cost of transportation, no prior warning to slick willies replacement, senile Joe.

  5. He did this and now he’s trying to put the burden on everybody else. The Democrats should all house them they wanted Biden time to pay up , you all have HUGE HOMES , come on Big mouth Pelosi and Harris you could house like at least 1000 and you pilfered enough money to feed them all . It’s Not our states that should have to be responsible for them

  6. Every state should do the same thing..This is Biden’s fault, he needs to either send them back and close the border or send them all to the White House and let Biden take care of them… CLOSE THE BORDER immediately!!!!!

  7. I wish all the states would follow Governor Reynolds but we have too many democratic states. The people who will vote for biden and miss lay on her back are the “Give me’s'”. They’ll vote for King Kong if he gives them free stuff that we tax payer’s will have to pay for

  8. The Dems all need to be removed from office. They have all broken the Fedral Law by allowing these illegals to come into this country. We have millions of American Citizens sleeping in the streets and homeless across America. The American Citizens should be taken car of first. Charity belongs at home first!

  9. The Dems purpose is so these illegals will vote Democratic to remove all of the Conservatives from office. Every Dem across America should be facing life in prison without a chance of parole for the charge of Treason!

  10. Congrats Gov Reynolds At least you are showing that you have a strong backbone, strong mind &care about our country. Thank you so very much from a person in Illinois. “maybe” you should consider running for president in a few years, that is if there is anything left of our beloved USA.I wonder if old Joe & scared of her own shadow Harris would consider taking in a few hundred of those children into their homes, HELL NO!

  11. We need to quit B.S.ing and get our ACT together. The Democrats hired a helping hand in this last election, maybe we need to hire some people the same way and for the same thing?? I still do not know HOW we can even take this Joke as a President and stand behind his decisions. Kudos to Reynolds and MORE Republican States should do the SAME! We need to stand UNITED and we need to take Our Country Back in 2024!

  12. I am totally with any state Governor who refuses to take in the illegal immigrant child. As one Governor said, they don’t have the resources and financial means to engage in biden’s personal mess. He made his bed the way he wanted it. Now, he has to lay in it. If the Vice President can refuse and disappear for long period of time, I believe all Governors can, also. I believe biden and all other Democrats are totally clueless as to what to do with this crisis. He obvious doesn’t get any cooperation from his backup, Vice President. There is one thing for sure, these illegal immigrants need to go back to their countries. I would say basically the way they came, only escorted by each country they need to get to.

  13. The migrants should be housed at the White House Adulterous Jill can put out her cutesy heart cards Further options include Prostitute Harris and the Oscumas estates We all know how they received their monies from others Time to reemburse the people for their crimes including Drag Queen Big Mike’s wardrobe

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