Poll: Plurality of Iowans against gender neutral bathrooms

Americans have perhaps never been under greater pressure to profess things that they know are not true. Despite the suffocating insanity of woke culture, many Americans are rejecting its ideological delusions and holding fast to common sense and principle.

With President Joe Biden and his Democratic allies ramping up a crusade to normalize the idea that men and women are identical, a new poll finds that a plurality of Iowa residents — somewhat narrowly — still support requiring students to use bathrooms that correspond with their sex, Breitbart reported.

About 47% of those surveyed in the Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll said they agree with the requirement. Forty-two percent said they did not.

Transgender agenda

Some 11% of those surveyed said they weren’t sure either way. The poll surveyed about 775 Iowans aged 18 or older with a 3.5-% margin of error.

The results found a closely partisan divide, with 80% of Republicans in favor of bathroom use that corresponds with biological reality, and 14% opposed. On the other hand, 15% of Democrats support the requirement, but 71% opposed it.

A majority of men support the requirement, 60% in favor and 30% opposed. Women opposed it by 54%, with 35% in favor.

The survey comes as Biden and the Democrats push the transgender agenda that began in Obama’s second term to aggressive, previously unheard of extremes.

Biden recently had a transgender doctor who supports putting young children on hormone blockers, Rachel Levine, confirmed to a federal post.

Conservative response forming

The polarizing Equality Act, which ostensibly prevents discrimination against transgender and gay individuals, has been at the forefront in the culture wars. Conservatives say it will undermine religious liberty and force women to compete with men in sports leagues and share gendered spaces like bathrooms.

A conservative response to Biden’s transgender push has been forming in various states, with Republicans leading efforts to protect women’s sports from proposals like the Equality Act.

Tennessee signed a bill into law to that effect last week, following Arkansas and Mississippi.

Conservatives have faced setbacks, with a bill to codify gender-specific bathrooms recently stalling in Iowa’s state legislature after passing a Senate subcommittee for the first time.

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14 Responses

  1. God created man and then woman. Is this dumb administration
    smarter than God. I thik not. Men and women are created different.
    In my opinion the doctor that suggested injecting young kids with
    a hormone blocker is sick should have his license canceled and a
    mandatory shrink. There is a lot of twisted minds oout there that
    want to change Gods wonderus work. WHY CONFUSE YOUNG KIDS
    with this stupidity? God blesss the little children. Please keep them
    from these perverts.

    1. GOD created man and woman differently for a reason. This is why I refuse to use public restrooms. You never know what’s coming in and I will definitely defend myself.

    1. the idea is socilist communist plans to screw up peoples minds Biden is alwys forgetting things!!!

    2. But U.N. Agenda 21 WHEN FULLY IMPLEMENTED Wants no more than a half billion people on the planet and so are looking for dictatorial CONTROL to reduce regeneration of the species to attain that idiotic goal and so, the nuclear family as the basic unit of society MUST be destroyed. IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL UNLESS YOU ARE AN AGENDA 21 ADVOCATE OR AN OVERPOPULATED NATION LIKE RED CHINA! Just one more reason to see WHY COVID originated in Wuhan and is being used against an unsuspecting and unprepared WORLD!

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  3. I think this whole thing is ridiculous! God made 2 genders….PERIOD! This along with covid vaccines are nothing but population control. I read that the vaccines cause sterility so now they are going after our children! Fewer people to control makes it easier to have a Communist takeover! Open your eyes! Don’t buy in to lies!

  4. Think back to when you were in high school… IF you were a guy… would you have declared yourself a woman for a chance to get inside the girls locker room or bathroom?? Politicians are sooo detached from reality… and lets face it… fairly useless. WHAT real good have they done for Americans, “we the people” in the past 20 years?? All they do is find new ways to conscript our income… to spend to garner favors and votes… they don’t even try to use the most efficient means of purchase or production.

  5. THEY better watch out. WE may just get even with THEM with their own ideas! THEY won’t like what we will do to them, or maybe they will because they love kinky!

  6. Agree with all posts! This is a sick and twisted notion! Levine should not be in any government office! “ it” is pushing a fools narrative!

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