Iran celebrates ‘Nuclear Technology Day’ with launch of new centrifuges

The Islamic Republic of Iran is flaunting its controversial nuclear weapons program.

Reuters reported that Iran celebrated its country’s “Nuclear Technology Day,” on Saturday by launching advanced centrifuges at its Natanz nuclear plant. 

This comes as talks are being held in Vienna, Austria to revive former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, which was terminated under President Donald Trump in 2017.

Iran celebrates Nuclear Technology Day

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani celebrated Nuclear Technology in an event that was broadcast on state television, according to Reuters.

The outlet reported: “A live video link carried on state TV showed Rouhani ordering the injection of uranium gas into 164 IR-6 centrifuges, 30 IR-5 centrifuges, and mechanical tests on IR-9 machines with the capacity of 50 early IR-1 machines.”

Rouhani revealed some 133 nuclear advances that Iran has achieved over the past year.

“Once again, I stress that all our nuclear activities are peaceful and for non-military purposes,” Rouhani claimed. He insisted that, rather than weaponry, these advancements have been used for such things as medicine, agriculture and energy.

“We continue to be committed to our pledge to NPT (non-proliferation treaty) and to the world not to deviate militarily from our nuclear programme,” Rouhani added. Reuters noted that some of what Rouhani revealed was likely a new breach of Obama’s nuclear deal.

US excluded

China, Russia, Iran, the United Kingdom, France and Germany are currently holding talks in Vienna to determine a way to get both Iran and the United States back into the Iran deal.

The Iran deal removed sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran promising to cut back on its nuclear program. The Trump administration removed the United States from the Iran deal, arguing that it was ineffective and placed harsh sanctions on the regime.

President Joe Biden and his administration are looking to reenter the Iran deal, but at the moment they have been excluded from the talks that are taking place in Vienna. Iran, with the backing of China and Russia, has taken a hard-line stance with the Biden administration, refusing to hold negotiations with the United States until it withdraws the sanctions imposed by Trump.

The discussions are expected to continue this week in Vienna, once again, without the United States.

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  1. the biden crew as already destroyed this great country, why don’t they now ask Iran to end it forever.

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  3. Why do we continue to deal with the a wipes in Iran?
    We have about 16 zillion pound of spent nuclear rods in the desert in Nevada
    Set up a remote grinding operation, grind then into small pieces, Then buy up several thousand old crop dusters, use the co dusters to spread them over Iran.
    6 month later we will have no problem, with Iran.

  4. This is a situation that requires much restraint. Government representatives of all “nuclear”countries have to make world peace their ultimate goal in all decisions and negotiations. There are no winners in a nuclear conflict.

  5. Don’t worry People, Russia, China, Kerry, Biden and Europe will come to our rescue just like America did for them in WWII. Hold your breath.
    Or, maybe the UFO/UAP will come and take all our Weapons away (including Virusus).
    Or, Hunter Biden elected to do all negotiations.
    Or, solve our own concerns by ignoring all of the aforementioned, close and Man all Borders to the exception of fair trade. Hmm

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