Israel striking harder at Gaza, including underground targets

 October 30, 2023

Gaza internet and phone lines that had been disrupted on Friday by heavy strikes were mostly restored on Sunday, even as Israel intensified its strikes against military targets by land, air, and sea. 

Israel is hitting underground targets such as tunnels and bunkers in order to keep Hamas from fighting back during a ground offensive.

Strikes near Gaza's largest hospital have destroyed roads and hampered access to the facility, which is being used as a shelter for refugees.

More than 7,700 Gazans have been killed in Israel's attacks, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Whether that number is truthful or whether most of them are women and children as Hamas-ruled Gaza claims is an open question.

Americans abducted and killed in Israel

Israel makes it a policy to warn civilians before striking targets, but Hamas has been known to force women and children into those areas in order to claim that Israel is targeting civilians.

Hamas's original attack on Israel killed 1,400 people, including at least 25 Americans. Over 200 hostages were also taken by Hamas, including some Americans.

So far, four hostages have been released by Hamas.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that Israel was in a fight for its existence and said, “'Never again’ is now.”

All U.S. GOP presidential candidates are expressing support for Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas. President Joe Biden has also provided military resources in the area and supported Israel's initiative.

Diplomatic efforts

Amid reports of deteriorating civil order in Gaza, however, Biden also called for Israel to send increased humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Realistically, though, any aid sent into Gaza could end up benefitting or emboldening Hamas, which will only prolong the war.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is said to be communicating with Qatari officials who are leading negotiations to free Hamas hostages, but there has been little movement so far.

If the war escalates to involve other Middle Eastern nations, the World Bank said it could lead to severe spikes in oil prices, which would impact the world economy negatively.

The U.S. Congress is trying to pass an aid package for Israel but it is unclear whether proposed spending cuts will scuttle the package.

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